Russell Williams: A Canadian Disgrace

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One day Colonel Russell Williams was one of the leaders of the Canadian Military and the next he was their most disgraced.  Police were investigating the disappearance of Jessica Lloyd and they were conducting road side stops in the area where she was last seen looking for a specific tire thread.  Colonel Russell Williams was one of the vehicles stopped and his tires were exactly what they were looking for. A couple of days later Colonel Russell Williams was called into the OPP office in Ottawa Canada.  Ten hours later Colonel Russell Williams would give one of the most bizarre confessions in Canadian history

During the ten hour confession Russell Williams, the rank of Colonel was quickly taken away by military officials once he was charged, admitted to two murders, two counts of forcible confinement, sexual assault and a series of break and enters and thefts.  According to the OPP Russell Williams would lead them to the body of Jessica Lloyd and admitted to the murder of Corporal Marie-France Comeau who was found dead in her home the previous November.  During a search of Russell Williams primary residence police found an assortment of women’s lingerie that was neatly packed and categorized.

At trial Russell Williams plead guilty to all of the charges that he faced and also admitted to a number of other sexual assaults and as well as eighty two break and enters in order to steal women’s lingerie.  Russell Williams would be sentenced to two life terms for the murders, two ten year sentences for sexual assault,  two ten year sentences for forcible confinement and 82 one year sentences for breaking and entering.    The Canadian Military would take back all of his medals, revoke his severance pay and salary plus destroy his vehicles

Russell Williams Other News

A judge has sentenced Col. Russell Williams to two terms of life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years for the first-degree murders of Cpl. Marie-France Comeau and Jessica Lloyd.

The decorated former commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton was also sentenced in Ontario Superior Court in Belleville on Thursday to 10 years for each of his two charges of sexual assault and  two charges of forcible confinement. He was also sentenced to one year for each of the other 82 lesser charges he faced.

Just before sentencing, Williams told Justice Robert F. Scott he is “indescribably ashamed” of the crimes he’s committed, and especially apologized to the families of the two murdered women.

Williams, 47, had pleaded guilty Monday to 88 charges.

He blew his nose before standing in the eastern Ontario courtroom to address Scott. Williams was shaking, tearing up and paused between sentences during his five-minute address.

“Your Honour, I stand before you indescribably ashamed. I know the crimes I have committed have traumatized many people,” he said.

“The family and friends of Marie-France Comeau and Jessica Lloyd in particular have suffered and continue to suffer profound, desperate pain and sorrow as a result of what I’ve done.”

Williams said he understands “the hatred expressed yesterday and that has been palpable throughout the week. I deeply regret the harm I know I’ve caused.”

He also said: “I committed despicable crimes, your honour, and in the process betrayed my family, my friends and colleagues and the Canadian Forces.”

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