Scott Hain Teen Killer Sentenced To Death In Oklahoma

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Scott Hain was seventeen years old when he participated in a double murder in Oklahoma. According to court documents Scott Hain and Robert Lambert would carjack a vehicle in Tulsa Oklahoma with two people inside. They would force the driver to go to a remote location where the two people would be forced into the trunk of the car and then Hain would set the car on fire. Due to the brutal nature of the crime both Scott Hain and Robert Lambert would be quickly arrested and charged with the two murders. This teen killer would be convicted and sentenced to death. Robert Lambert would be sentenced to life in prison without parole due to a mental defect. Scott Hain would spend fifteen years on death row before he was executed in 2003. Scott Hain would be the last person executed in the USA for a crime committed as a juvenile.

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Laura Lee Sanders and Michael Houghton were seated in Sanders’ car outside a Tulsa bar when they were approached by Scott Allen Hain and Robert Wayne Lambert. Hain and Lambert were in the parking lot, waiting to rob a nearby house when they saw Sanders and Houghton talking in the car. Appellant and Lambert forced their way into the car by threatening Houghton with a knife. Hain drove the car away from the bar, then stopped and robbed Houghton at gunpoint. When Houghton resisted the robbery, Hain forced him into the trunk of the car. A short while later, Hain and Lambert stopped and put Sanders in the trunk as well. The two men went back and drove away Houghton’s car and stopped after driving down a rural roadway. The two men took Sanders’ belongings, cut the gas line to the car and set it on fire. Houghton and Sanders were banging on the trunk and yelling. Hain and Lambert left the area, but returned a short time later to see if the fire was burning well. Hains was the 22nd murderer executed in the United States since 1976 for a murder committed when they were younger than 18 years old.

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scott hain photos

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