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Shyanne Parrott was seventeen years old when she was involved in an argument with a rival that would end in murder. According to prosecutors the teen killer would have an argument with the victim, would leave the scene and would return driving her truck which she used to strike and run over the victim. In the end Shyanne Parrott would plead guilty to second degree murder and would be sentenced to fifty to eighty years in prison

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Inmate Legal Name
Gender:FEMALERace:WHITEDate of Birth:06/27/1998

Shyanne Parrott More News

A Nebraska woman who pleaded guilty to running down another woman will spend decades behind bars.

Shyanne Parrot, 18, was sentenced to 50 to 80 years in prison for the attack.

According to police and prosecutors, Parrott and Amber Shipley got into an argument outside the Nebraska City Library last September.

Parrott left the scene, then drove back, and ran over Shipley with her truck, witnesses and police said.

Shipley died a week later from her injuries.

Parrott’s mother told KETV in an interview that she believed the attack happened as the result of an ongoing dispute between the two over a boyfriend.

Parrott will get credit for the nearly 12 months she has already spent in jail.

Shyanne Parrott Other News

A teenager is now being charged with first-degree murder following the death of a woman who was struck by a truck in Nebraska City.

Amber Shipley, 20, was struck by a vehicle driven by ShyAnne Parrott, 17, earlier this month, investigators said.

Investigators and family members said Shipley and Parrott were in an ongoing dispute over a boyfriend. They say the two were arguing outside the Nebraska City library when Parrott got into a truck and left.

According to police, Parrott drove back and ran over Shipley.

Originally, Parrott was to be charged with first-degree assault, but in a release Wednesday it was announced that the charge would be upgraded to first-degree murder.

Shipley was declared brain dead on Sept. 21 and a Sept. 23 autopsy confirmed the cause of death was blunt force head injuries.

If convicted, Parrott faces a possible sentence of 40 years to life imprisonment.

“This is a tragic situation for everyone involved. Following the death of Amber Shipley, the stabbing of Jacob Adams, and the double fatality accident and loss of Andrew Murnan and Schyler Pierce, Otoe County has lost four young lives in approximately three months,” County Attorney David Partsch said.

Parrott’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 5 in Otoe County Court at 1:30 p.m. Parrott must post $100,000 in order to be released pending trial.

Shyanne Parrott Other News

A Nebraska City teenager accused of running over another woman will stand trial on a charge of first-degree murder, an Otoe County judge ruled Friday.

Shyanne Parrott, 17, is accused of hitting Amber Shipley with a pickup truck Sept. 14 after the two had argued outside the Nebraska City library.

Shipley, 20, died of blunt force head injuries, according to autopsy results.

If convicted of the murder charge, Parrott would face 40 years to life in prison. The teen also is charged with use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony and failure to stop and render aid in an accident involving serious injury or death

Shyanne Parrott Other News

A Nebraska City teen pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges that she ran over a rival with a pickup truck, killing her, last year.

Shyanne Parrott, now 18, agreed to plead guilty to a reduced charge of second-degree murder during a brief court hearing.

Parrott had been scheduled to stand trial, beginning Wednesday, on three felony charges, including first-degree murder, in connection with the death of Amber Shipley, 20.

The victim’s mother, Sherry Bright, said after the hearing that she had mixed emotions about the plea deal because two felony charges — use of deadly weapon to commit a felony and failing to stop and render aid — were dropped.

But Bright, fighting back tears, said she was grateful that Parrott admitted her guilt and she would be satisfied if Parrott received a sentence close to life in prison.

“My baby is gone. This is all I’ve got of my baby,” Bright said, clutching a small box holding her daughter’s ashes.

Bright, who lives in Hamburg, Iowa, said her daughter’s ashes would be interred with those of Shipley’s late father, Lyle Shipley, sometime after the sentencing, in their hometown of Burlington Junction, Missouri.

Parrott, dressed in an orange jail jumpsuit and with her wrists shackled at her waist, trembled throughout the hearing and tried unsuccessfully to dab tears with her shoulders. She nodded her head and quietly answered questions posed by Otoe County District Judge Jeffrey Funke.

Her attorney, Jerry Sena of Omaha, said the crime was due to a “sudden impulse” brought on by a vulgar comment the victim made to Parrott during an altercation outside the Nebraska City library on Sept. 14.

“Contrary to what has been written, this wasn’t a fight over a boyfriend, it was just a remark that was made. It just lit up. And in a blink of an eye, what happened, happened,” Sena said.

After the verbal confrontation at the library, Parrott left with a friend and got behind the wheel of her father’s pickup. After dropping the friend off at work, Parrott drove back to the library, where Shipley was waiting outside for a ride from a friend.

According to Otoe County Attorney David Partsch, Parrott drove by Shipley, who threw down her coat and walked toward the pickup in a “confrontational manner.”

Parrott then turned the pickup around and drove over a curb, striking Shipley head-on and dragging the victim underneath the vehicle. Shipley died of blunt force head injuries nine days later.

Members of Shipley’s family wept as the killing was described in court.

Later, family members said that Parrott deserved to spend the rest of her life in prison for ending Shipley’s life.

“She’ll never have a birthday, she’ll never have a Christmas, she’ll never have a hug from her family …” said a cousin of Shipley’s, Abigail Klitz of Omaha.

The possible sentence for second-degree murder is 20 years to life in prison.

Partsch, the prosecutor, said he was willing to offer the plea deal because the potential sentence still includes the possibility of life in prison. A juvenile convicted of first-degree murder can be sentenced to 40 years in prison to life.

Sena, the defense attorney, said that Parrott’s young age, the impulsive nature of the crime and her lack of a violent criminal past warranted a sentence near the minimum of 20 years in prison.

“That would not insult the crime, but definitely serve the purpose of rehabilitating her for what amounts to a 60-second period in her life,” Sena said.

Shipley’s mother said she wants a sentence close to life in prison, and she hopes that the pickup that Parrott was driving would be junked once it is released from police custody.

“My suggestion would be crush it, destroy it. I don’t want to see that truck going down the street,” Bright said.

Funke, the judge, set July 21 as the date for sentencing. Funke, who was recently appointed to serve on the Nebraska Supreme Court, would still be a district judge as of that date, officials said.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Shyanne Parrott 2020 Update

    Shyanne Parrott is currently incarcerated at the Nebraska Correctional Center For Women

  2. Why Is Shyanne Parrott In Prison

    Shyanne Parrott was convicted of murder as she ran over a love rival with a truck

  3. Shyanne Parrott Release Date

    Shyanne Parrott was sentenced to fifty to eighty years in prison. She is eligible for parole in 2055

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