Alexander Pogosyan Teen Killer Murders 5 People

Alexander Pogosyan Teen Killer

Alexander Pogosyan was seventeen years old when he took part in what is known as the Littleton Massacre. Pogosyan and a friend Michael Martinez went on a shooting rampage that left five people dead. The first attack was against a mother along with two teenagers. The second attack would leave two more people dead. Michael … Read more

Nathan Ybanez And Erik Jensen Teen Killers

Nathan Ybanez And Erik Jensen

Nathan Ybanez and Erik Jensen were sixteen years old when they murdered Nathan’s mother. According to court documents Nathan Ybanez was involved in an argument with his mother that ended violently with the teen killer beating her to death with a fire poker. It has been endlessly debated whether or not Erik Jensen showed up … Read more

Josiah Ivy Teen Killer Murders 2 People

Josiah Ivy Teen Killer

Josiah Ivy was sixteen years old when he murdered two people. According to court documents Josiah and an accomplice picked out a random couple and followed them to their home. The two young men would knock on the door and Josiah would shoot the male homeowner. Josiah would chase the woman throughout the home and … Read more

Tanner Flores Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend

Tanner Flores was eighteen when he fatally shot his ex girlfriend. According to court documents Tanner Flores was not happy that his ex girlfriend, Ashley Doolittle broke up with him. Tanner convinced Ashley to go for a ride with him and somewhere along the way he would fatally shoot the eighteen year old woman. Flores … Read more

Tess Damm Teen Killer Murders Mother

tess damm

Tess Damm was sixteen years old when she murdered her mother. According to court documents Tess Damm and her boyfriend Bryan Grove planned the murder of the victim. Bryan Grove would fatally stab multiple times in her neck causing her death. This teen killer would ultimately plead guilty to second degree murder and sentenced to twenty three … Read more