Daniel Lee Federal Execution

daniel lee execution

Daniel Lee was the first person to be executed by the Federal Government in 17 years. Daniel Lee would be sentenced to death for murdering a family of three who were tortured, killed and thrown into a lake. Daniel Lee codefendent  Chevie Kehoe was sentenced to multiple life without parole sentences. Lee would be executed … Read more

Billy Wardlow Texas Execution

billy wardlow photos

Billy Wardlow was executed by the State of Texas for the murder of an elderly man. According to court documents Billy Wardlow, who was eighteen at the time, would murder 82-year-old Carl Cole during an attempted robbery. Critics argued that at eighteen his brain had not fully formed however the Texas court system felt different. … Read more

Walter Barton Missouri Execution

Walter Barton

Walter Barton was executed by the State of Missouri for the sexual assault and murder of an elderly woman. According to court documents Walter Barton would fatally stab eighty one year old Gladys Kuehler over fifty times causing her death. Walter Barton maintained his innocence since his arrest, through multiple murder trials and his execution. … Read more

Nathaniel Woods Alabama Execution

Nathaniel Woods execution

Nathaniel Woods was executed by the State of Alabama for the murders of three police officers in Birmingham. According to court documents Nathaniel Woods would shoot and kill the police officers however his codefendant would state that he was not guilty nor the trigger man for the brutal murders. However after decades of appeal Nathaniel … Read more