Female Teen Killers

tia skinner photos

Tia Skinner Teen Killer Orchestrated Parents Murder

Tia Skinner was seventeen when she orchestrated the murder of her father and attempted murder of her mother in Michigan. According to court documents Tia Skinner was upset that her parents did not approve of her boyfriend so she planned their murders. On the night of the attack Tia Skinner would convince her boyfriend and […]

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Rachael Mullenix photos

Rachael Mullenix Teen Killer Daughter Murders Mother

Rachael Mullenix was sixteen when she was arrested for the murder of her mother in California. According to court documents Rachael Mullenix was upset that her mother wanted to end the relationship with her daughters boyfriend Ian Allen. The mothers body would be found floating in the bay near Newport Harbour Yacht Club and she […]

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jennifer mee photos

Jennifer Mee Teen Killer – Hiccup Girl Turns Murderer

Jennifer Mee was known as the Hiccup Girl now she is known as a murderer. Jennifer Mee first came to attention for a case of hiccups that would not go away that would see her appear on national television shows. Eventually the hiccups would go away and Jennifer Mee would fade to the background. Then […]

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misti moyer photos

Mistie Moyer Teen Killer

Mistie Moyer was seventeen when she murdered her three month old son in Michigan. According to court documents the infant was found dead by authorities in his mother’s care, an autopsy of the infant showed previous injuries including a broken arm. This teen killer would plead guilty to a host of charges including homicide and […]

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Morgan Arnold photos

Morgan Arnold Teen Killer

Morgan Arnold was sent to spend the next three decades in prison for the plot to murder her father in Maryland. According to court documents the teen killer conspired with her much older boyfriend Jason Bulmer to murder her father Dennis Lane. Jason Bulmer would fatally stab the victim and would in the end be […]

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Maricela Diaz photos

Maricela Diaz Teen Killer Murders Teen In South Dakota

Maricela Diaz was fifteen years old when she helped murder another teenage girl in South Dakota. According to court documents Maricela Diaz and Alexander Salgado would lure the victim to a remote location where the sixteen year old victim was stabbed repeatedly, placed inside of a vehicle and set on fire. Maricela Diaz would be […]

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Delilah Evans photos

Delilah Evans Teen Killer Stabs Mother To Death

Delilah Evans was a seventeen year old who murdered her mother in Michigan. According to court documents Delilah Evans would stab her mother over a hundred times causing her death. On the same day, December 25 2016, Delilah Evans would also stab her brother in the hand. This teen killer was sentenced to life in […]

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Tiffany VanAlstyne photos

Tiffany VanAlstyne Teen Killer Murders Five Year Old Cousin

Tiffany VanAlstyne was nineteen years old when she murdered her five year old cousin. According to court documents Tiffany VanAlstyne would beat than strangle the five year old boy causing his death. Tiffany would hide the child’s body and would tell police that he had been abducted. Eventually police figured it out and the child’s […]

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crystal howell photos

Crystal Brooke Howell Teen Killer Murders Her Father

Crystal Brooke Howell was seventeen years old when she murdered her father in North Carolina. According to court documents Crystal Howell would fatally shoot her father who was sleeping on the couch. The teen killer would then conceal his body and threw parties in the home until his body would be discovered. Crystal Brooke Howell […]

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