Female Teen Killers

elizabeth shannon photos

Elizabeth Shannon Teen Killer Murders Her Stepfather

Elizabeth Shannon was just fifteen years old when she helped her mother kill her stepfather. According to court documents Joan Shannon marriage to David Shannon was falling apart as she had started an affair with another man. Joan Shannon would plan with Elizabeth Shannon to get rid of her stepfather so she could move forward […]

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stephanie olsen teen killer photos

Stephanie Olsen Teen Killer Murders Mother

Stephanie Olsen was a seventeen year old from Kentucky who along with her boyfriend David Dressman would stab her mother to death. According to court documents Stephanie Olsen and her mother had different opinions regarding David Dressman and when her mother refused to let her teenage daughter move out the teenage couple decided to murder […]

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Sabrina Zunich photos

Sabrina Zunich Teen Killer Murders Foster Mother

Sabrina Zunich was sixteen years old when she murdered her foster mother. According to court documents Sabrina Zunich was manipulated by Kevin Knoefel to kill his wife and her foster mother. On the day of the murder Sabrina Zunich would stab the victim over a dozen times and cut her over a hundred times. This […]

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Nicole Kasinskas photos

Nicole Kasinskas Teen Killer Murders Mother

Nicole Kasinskas was sixteen when she plotted and murdered her mother in New Hampshire. According to court documents Nicole Kasinskas and her boyfriend William Sullivan conspired to kill her mother as the sixteen year old was worried her mother would not let her leave the State with her new boyfriend. On the day of the […]

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tess damm photos

Tess Damm Teen Killer

Tess Damm was sixteen years old when she murdered her mother. According to court documents Tess Damm and her boyfriend Bryan Grove planned the murder of the victim. Bryan Grove would fatally stab multiple times in her neck causing her death. This teen killer would ultimately plead guilty to second degree murder and sentenced to […]

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Heather D'Aoust Photos

Heather D’Aoust Teen Killer Murders Mother With A Hammer

Heather D’Aoust was fourteen when she beat to death her foster mother. According to court documents Heather D’Aoust and her mother were involved in an argument which went bad in a hurry and the California teen would beat to death the victim with a hammer. Heather D’Aoust would also injure her father in the attack. […]

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ruthann veal photos

Ruthann Veal Teen Killer Stabs Woman To Death

Ruthann Veal was fourteen when she stabbed a woman to death. According to court documents Ruthann Veal had run away from the group home she was in and during an attempted robbery would stab the victim twenty three times causing her death. Initially Ruthann Veal was sentenced to life in prison without parole however it […]

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heather opel photos

Heather Opel Teen Killer Hired To Kill Man

Heather Opel was just thirteen years old when she helped to murder a man. According to court documents Heather Opel who was thirteen, her fourteen year old friend Marriam Oliver, seventeen year old Jeffrey Grote and fourteen year old Kyle Boston were paid by Barbara Opel to murder a man she had problems with. The […]

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Chastinea Reeves photos

Chastinea Reeves Teen Killer Stabs Mother To Death

Chastinea Reeves was fifteen years old when she stabbed her mother to death in Indiana. According to court documents Chastinea Reeves mother Jamie Garnett was found dead in her Gary Indiana home and she had been stabbed more than sixty times. At first police believed that Chastinea Reeves was in danger and sent out an […]

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