Female Teen Killers

monique maestas photos

Monique Maestas Teen Killer Murders Child In Las Vegas

Monique Maestas was sixteen years old when she and her brother Beau murdered a three year old girl and paralysed her ten year old sister. According to court documents Monique Maestas and her brother were upset that the dope they bought from the murdered girls mother was fake. They went looking for the drug dealer […]

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Ashlee Martinson photos

Ashlee Martinson Teen Killer Murders Parents In Wisconsin

Ashlee Martinson was seventeen years old when she would murder her mother and stepfather who according to her were highly abusive. Ashlee Martinson would lock her siblings in a room before shooting her stepfather and then fatally stabbing her mother. Ashlee Martinson would then flee the crime scene with her older boyfriend. This teen killer […]

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Courtney Schulhoff

Courtney Schulhoff Teen Killer Murders Father In Florida

Courtney Schulhoff was fifteen years old when she started dating an older man who was a convicted felon and needless to say her father was not happy. Courtney  fearing that her father would make her end the relationship with Michael Morin decided to kill him. On the night of the murder Schulhoff would fatally beat her father […]

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Alyssa Bustamante

Alyssa Bustamante Teen Killer Murders 9 Year Old Girl In Missouri

Alyssa Bustamante was fifteen years old when she lured a nine year old girl into the woods and killed her. According to Bustamante she wanted to see what it felt like to murder someone. This teen killer who had planned on killing two other children and had already predug two graves would be convicted and […]

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