Kinterie Kiatis Durden Teen Killer Murders 2 During Robbery

kimterie kiatis photos

Kinterie Kiatis Durden was sixteen when he murdered two men in Georgia. According to court documents Kinterie Kiatis Durden answered an ad on Facebook regarding a dirt bike. When the two men showed up they would be shot and killed by Kinterie Kiatis Durden. According to police this teen killer was in the back seat of the … Read more

Kayla Dixon Teen Killer Murders Man During Robbery

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Kayla Dixon was sixteen years old when she shot a man during a robbery in Georgia. According to court documents Kayla Dixon and her boyfriend 20 year old Nathaniel Vivien met the victim through a Craiglist ad where he was selling a Playstation 4. When the victim refused to hand over the video game system … Read more

Erick Blackerby Teen Killer Murders Teenager

Erick Blackerby teen killer

Erick Blackerby was sixteen years old when he beat to death another teenager with a baseball bat. According to court documents Eric Blackerby was watching his brother fight the victim when he jumped in and struck the victim with a baseball bat causing his death. This teen killer would be convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison … Read more

Cassie Bjorge Teen Killer Murders Grandparents

Cassie Bjorge Teen Killer

Cassie Bjorge was seventeen years old when along with her eighteen year old boyfriend Johnny Rider murdered her Grandparents. According to court documents Cassandra Bjorge and Johnny Rider planned the double murders for days before the killing actually took place. On the night of the murders they waited for her Grandparents to go to sleep … Read more

Lacy Aaron Schmidt Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend

Lacy Aaron Schmidt photos

Lacy Aaron Schmidt was fourteen years old when he murdered his fourteen year old ex girlfriend. According to court documents Schmidt planned the murder for several weeks before the crime took place. The night before the murder he stole a gun from the victim’s father. On the day of the murder Schmidt would walk behind … Read more