cassandra bjorge photos

Cassie Bjorge Teen Killer Murders Grandparents In Georgia

Cassie Bjorge was seventeen years old when along with her eighteen year old boyfriend Johnny Rider murdered her Grandparents. According to court documents Cassandra Bjorge and Johnny Rider planned the double murders for days before the killing actually took place. On the night of the murders they waited for her Grandparents to go to sleep […]

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Kevon Watkins

Kevon Watkins Teen Killer Murders Sister Over WIFI Password in Georgia

Kevon Watkins was sixteen years old when he murdered his sister. According to court documents Kevon Watkins would return to his Georgia home and change the WIFI password so he could have all of the stream to himself. When his sister started to argue with him, he would not share the password, the two ended […]

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Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum photos

Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum Teen Killers Murders Grandparents In Georgia

Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum were young lesbian lovers and when Holly Grandparents tried to end their relationship the two teenage girls decided to murder them. According to court documents Holly and Sandra would stab the elderly couple several times each causing their death. The teen killers would take off in the couple’s vehicle and […]

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eric whitehead photos

Eric Whitehead Teen Killer Murders Sleeping Stepsister In Georgia

Eric Whitehead was fourteen years old when he murdered his stepsister. According to court documents this teen killer and the victim had been arguing when Eric had enough and would shoot his sleeping stepsister in the head ten times. A theory that was brought up was Eric was dreaming that he and his sister were […]

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wayne williams serial killer

Wayne Williams Atlanta Child Murders Serial Killer

Wayne Williams was arrested and convicted of murdering two men in Atlanta Georgia however this serial killer is believed to be responsible for over twenty child murders that took place in Atlanta from 1979 to 1981. According to court documents Williams grew up in Atlanta Georgia to parents who were both teachers. He had a […]

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Zitedrick Shelley teen killer

Zitedrick Shelley Teen Killer Murders Woman During Robbery In Georgia

Zitedrick Shelley was thirteen years old when he would murder a woman during an armed robbery. According to court documents Shelley walked up to an elderly lady demanding her money and before she could respond she would be shot in the chest and would pass away from her injuries. Zitedrick was quickly arrested and once […]

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