david ludwig photos

David Ludwig Teen Killer Murders Girlfriends Parents In Pennsylvania

David Ludwig was eighteen years old when he shot and killed his girlfriends parents. According to court documents David Ludwig was involved in an argument about his relationship with his girlfriends parents when he pulled out a gun and shot and killed the pair. David Ludwig would take off with the fourteen year old girlfriend […]

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Tabitha Buck photos

Tabitha Buck Teen Killer Murders Laurie Shaw In Pennsylvania

Tabitha Buck was seventeen years old when she and Lisa Michelle Lambert would murder a classmate, Laurie Show. According to court documents Lisa Michelle Lambert saw the teenage girl as a romantic rival so she and Tabitha Buck would be driven to the Show residence where the teenage girl had her throat slit and would […]

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Justina Morley

Justina Morley Teen Killer Murders Jason Sweeney In Pennsylvania

Justina Morley was fifteen years old when she took part in the brutal murder of an another teenager. According to court documents Justina Morley lured the victim Jason Sweeney to a remote location with the promise of sex where he would be fatally attacked by Edward Batzig, Domenic and Nicholas Cola. According to police the […]

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Michael Bourgeois photos

Michael Bourgeois Teen Killer Murders Adoptive Parents In Pennsylvania

Michael Bourgeois was sentenced to life in prison without the parole for the murders of his adoptive parents in 2001.  According to documents Michael Bourgeois along with Landon May, Steven Estes and Drenea Rodriguez conspired to kill the couple.  Landon May and Michael Bourgeois went to the home and tied the couple up then proceeded […]

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Brandon Olivieri photos

Brandon Olivieri Teen Killer Murders 2 In Pennsylvania

Brandon Olivieri was sixteen when he was in an altercation with another youth that would end with two teenagers dead.  According to court documents this teen killer was involved with a rival when a gun came into play and Olivieri would shoot and kill the rival and another bullet would strike and kill his friend,  Brandon […]

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alec kreider photos

Alec Kreider Teen Killer Murdered 3 In Pennsylvania

Alec Kreider was sixteen years old when he murdered three people. According to court documents this teen killer would go into the home of a classmate where he would fatally stab the father and stabbed the mother. Kreider would go to the room of his classmate where a brief fight took place before he would […]

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harvey robinson

Harvey Robinson Serial Killer – The Youngest Serial Killer

Harvey Robinson is both a teen killer and a serial killer. Harvey would murder his first victim when he was just seventeen years old when he would sexually assault and murder a nurses aide. Robinson would be arrested and sent to prison for eight months for an unrelated charge. When released from custody Harvey would […]

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Sean Kratz and Cosmo DiNardo Mugshots Photos

Sean Kratz and Cosmo DiNardo Mugshots It was supposed to be a routine drug transaction. Cosmo DiNardo said he had marijuana to sell. So on July 7, Thomas C. Meo and Mark R. Sturgis climbed into DiNardo’s silver pickup truck. He drove them to a sprawling but unoccupied 90-acre farm DiNardo’s parents owned in remote […]

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