Richard Ramirez Serial Killer

richard ramirez serial killer

When it comes to notorious serial killers Richard Ramirez name tends to be found at the top of the list. Richard Ramirez who the media dubbed The Night Stalker operated in California for only a few years but he left behind at least thirteen bodies in his wake. In this article on My Crime Library … Read more

Cody Legebokoff Serial Killer

Cody Legebokoff serial killer

Cody Legebokoff is a serial killer from Canada who at the time was one of the youngest in Canadian history. Cody Legebokoff was just nineteen years old when he committed his first of four murders. In this article we will take a closer look at Cody Legebokoff Cody Legebokoff Background Cody Legebokoff was born on … Read more

Anthony Sowell Serial Killer Dead In Prison

anthony sowell photos

Anthony Sowell the serial killer from Ohio who murdered eleven women died in prison, February 8 2011, from a terminal illness. Anthony Sowell who was arrested in 2009 after police served a search warrant on his home and found the remains of two bodies. After an extensive search of his Ohio residence police would find … Read more

Craig Price Teen Killer Murders 3 People

Craig Price Teen Killer

Craig Price was fifteen years old when he murdered three people. According to court documents Craig Price would be arrested for the murder of a woman and her daughter, once arrested Craig Price would confess to a murder he committed a year before. Due to the laws at the time this teen killer could only be held until … Read more

Jesse Pomeroy Teen Killer And Serial Killer

Jesse Pomeroy Teen Killer And Serial Killer

Jesse Pomeroy was a sexual predator, teen killer and serial killer all before he turned eighteen years old. Jesse Pomeroy would start off by bringing younger boys into the woods and physically assaulting them. Pomeroy would never be charged yet when he left the area so did the assaults. However his new neighborhood now was prone to the same … Read more

Edmund Kemper Serial Killer

edmund kemper

Edmund Kemper is a serial killer who started early with the murders of his grandparents when he was still a teen.  Edmund would be sent off to a State Hospital where he would remain until he was twenty one years old and would be paroled against doctors advice.  A few years later Edmund would continue his murderous … Read more