Christopher Pittman Teen Killer Murders Grandparents

Christopher Pittman Teen Killer

Christopher Pittman was just twelve years old when he murdered his grandparents. According to court documents Christopher was involved in an altercation at school, interrupted the piano player at church and would be disciplined by his grandfather later that night for his actions. Pittman responded by grabbing a shotgun and shooting his grandparents who were … Read more

Jesse Osborne Teen Killer School Shooter

Jesse Osborne was fourteen years old when he fatally shot his father and then drove to an elementary school where he would fatally shoot a six year old boy. According to court documents Jesse Osborne would fatally shoot his father who has been described as abusive before driving to Townville Elementary School where he would open … Read more

Eric Lankford Teen Killer Murders 3 In South Carolina

Eric Lankford was fourteen years old when he murdered three members of his family in South Carolina. According to court documents Eric Lankford would fatally shoot his father, great aunt and grandmother with a rifle he was given as a present just a few months before. After the fatal triple shooting the teen killer would phone police … Read more

Nathaniel Dickson Teen Killer Murders Family

nathaniel dickson photos

Nathaniel Dickson was eighteen years old when he murdered his entire family in South Carolina. According to court documents Nathaniel Dickson was kicked out of his apartment for stealing from his roommate, his girlfriend broke up with him and he failed to qualify for the Marines when he moved back home. Soon tensions in the house increased … Read more

Miguel Cano Teen Killer Murders Mother

Miguel Cano Teen Killer

Miguel Cano was just thirteen years old when he murdered his mother. According to court documents Cano who had planned the brutal murder well ahead of time would fatally stab his mother before sticking her body underneath the house which was found the next day by a contractor. Miguel lawyers had been fighting to get … Read more