Kimberly LaGayle McCarthy

Kimberly McCarthy Women Executed In The US

Kimberly McCarthy was executed by the State of Texas for a robbery turned murder McCarthy started her working life as an occupational therapist in a nursing home but a crack addiction would spin her life out of control Kimberly was arrested several times for charges ranging from fraud to prostitution to theft of services On […]

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Frances Newton Photos

Frances Newton Women Executed In The US

Frances Newton was executed by the State of Texas for the murders of her husband and two children. Newton weeks before the murders would take out three life insurance policies on her husband, daughter and herself for 50,000 each. Newton allegedly forged her husband’s signature on one of the policies On the day of the […]

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betty lou beets photos

Betty Lou Beets – Women Executed In The US

Betty Lou Beets was executed by the State of Texas for the murder of her fifth husband. Betty had a tough upbringing surrounded by abuse and a mother who was institutionalised when she was twelve and for being partly deaf due to a side effect of measles Beets would get married the first time when […]

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Karla Faye Tucker photos

Karla Faye Tucker – Women Executed In The USA

Karla Faye Tucker was the second woman who was executed in the United States and the first in Texas in over a hundred years. Karla Faye Tucker execution was controversial as many believed she was the definition of rehabilitation. Karla Faye was born in Houston Texas to parents who were in a troubled marriage. Karla […]

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Erin Caffey photos

Erin Caffey Teen Killer Murders Family In Texas

Erin Caffey was fifteen when she murdered her mother and two brothers. According to court documents Erin Caffey began dating an older man her parents did not approve on. On the night of the murders Erin Caffey boyfriend and another man entered the home, shot her father, mother and two younger siblings before setting the […]

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Taymor McIntyre AKA Tay-K Teen Killer

Taymor McIntyre Tay-K Teen Killer Murders Man During Robbery In Texas

Taymor McIntyre who is better known by his stage name Tay-K had a promising rap career however due to poor choices that is most likely over. Taymor McIntyre was just sentenced for being part of a murder in Texas that took place during a home invasion. Now Tay-K needs to stand trial for another murder […]

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Tyler Holder photos

Tyler Holder Teen Killer Murdered 6 Year Old Girl In Texas

Tyler Holder was seventeen years old when he sexually assaulted and murdered a six year old girl. The six year old girls body was found in a tarp wrapped up. Three weeks later this teen killer would burn the victims family car and soon after he would be arrested on both the arson and murder. Holder […]

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Christine Paolilla teen killer

Christine Paolilla Teen Killer Mass Murder In Texas

Christine Paolilla was seventeen when she murdered four of her friends. According to court documents Christine Paolilla  and Christopher Snider would enter a home and shoot and kill four young people in 2003. This teen killer would not be arrested until 2006 when an anonymous tip would lead to her arrest. Christopher Snider would commit suicide before […]

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Victor Alas and Jose Reyes Photos

Victor Alas and Jose Reyes Teen Killers Murder A 15 Year Old Girl In Texas

Victor Alas was fifteen years old and Jose Reyes was sixteen when they lured a fifteen year old girl into an abandoned house where she was sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered. The pair of teen killers would be sentenced to life without parole Victor Alas And Jose Reyes 2019 Information Victor Alas – Stiles – […]

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