Tavares Calloway Florida Death Row

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Tavares Calloway Florida Death Row

Tavares Calloway Florida Death Row

Tavares Calloway, convicted Thursday of executing five men in a Liberty
City drug heist in 1997, must now face the same jurors who found him
guilty — and his life hangs in the balance.

The 12-person jury will reconvene Sept. 14 to decide if Calloway should be put to death.

Tammy Robinson, aunt of victim Trenton Thomas, wants death.

“Because you reap what you sow,” she said, puffy-eyed but smiling after jurors delivered their guilty verdict.

The panel convicted Calloway of five counts of first-degree murder and
one count each of robbery with a firearm, kidnapping and burglary of an
occupied dwelling.

The decision capped a three-month trial, another chapter in a
12-year-old case that Miami police detectives called one of the
bloodiest crime scenes in recent memory.

Calloway and another man seeking drugs and money stormed an apartment in
January 1997, hogtied five men, taped their mouths shut and removed
their pants. After debating whom to leave alive, Calloway methodically
shot each in the head, prosecutors said.

The dead were drug dealers Adolphus “Tank” Melvin, 27; Gary St.
Charles, 22; Thomas, 26; Frederick McGuire, 31, and Melvin’s visiting
nephew, Derwin Bernard Copeland, 28.

The case remained cold for more than a year until detectives
investigating another murder learned about Antonio Clark, whose
fingerprint was matched to one at the massacre scene. He led police to
Calloway, who detectives said also confessed in detail.

Clark was convicted last year. He is serving life.

With no fingerprints, physical evidence or eyewitnesses to the gunfire
to link Calloway to the murders, his confession became the focal point
of the case.

Calloway, during trial, testified that homicide detectives pressured him
to falsely confess with the promise it would help catch the real

Jurors began deliberating Monday. They were sequestered in an undisclosed hotel.

In the crowded courtroom of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Dava Tunis on Thursday, a clerk read: “Guilty on count one.”

Shelby Goodman, Melvin’s cousin, gasped. He clapped loudly. Tears
streamed down his cheeks. Tunis silenced the room. Guilty on all counts,
the clerk continued.

Calloway, dressed in a purple dress shirt and gray sweater vest, betrayed no emotion.

He shook the hands of his attorneys, Sydney Smith and Scott Sakin, saluted his family and surrendered to corrections deputies.

“He understands the process. He understands we have to fight further,” Sakin said.

Outside court, prosecutor Susan Dechovitz, fighting back tears, hugged family members and Al Borges, the lead detective.

“It’s been a long journey, particularly for the families,” Borges said. “For 12 years they’ve been going through this.”

Goodman, now calmed, grimaced, saying: “In total, the entire community
lost seven people: five victims and two defendants. We won, but in
reality, the city of Miami lost.”


Tavares Calloway 2019 Information

tavares calloway 2019 photos
ID Photo
DC Number:M03128
Birth Date:07/27/1978
Initial Receipt Date:10/26/2010
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:PENDING

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