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Matthew Fischer Teen Killer Murders Love Rival

Matthew Fischer was a sixteen year old from South Carolina who would stab to death a romantic rival. According to…

1 day ago

Dakota Thornton Teen Killer Murders Brother

Dakota Thornton was fifteen years old from Pennsylvania when he murdered his older brother. According to court documents Dakota Thornton…

1 day ago

Natasha Cornett Teen Killer Lillelid Murders

Natasha Cornett was eighteen years old when she took part in the now infamous Lillelid murders in Tennessee. According to…

1 day ago

Jessica Burlew Teen Killer Murders Man In Bed

Jessica Burlew was a sixteen year old from Arizona when she murdered a man she was having sex with. According…

1 day ago

Natasha Ellis Teen Killer Murders Friends Mother

Natasha Ellis was fifteen years old when she planned with a thirteen year old friend to murder the friend's mother.…

1 day ago

Harvey Robinson Teen Killer To Serial Killer

Harvey Robinson is a serial killer who was still in his teens when he was arrested for multiple murders. The…

5 days ago