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erin caffey photos

Erin Caffey

Erin Caffey was fifteen years old when she planned the murders of her father, mother and two brothers. In the end her father would be the only one to survive. Erin Caffey was sentenced to life in prison Make Sure To Check Out Erin Caffey Main Page Erin Caffey – Teen Plans Family Murder On […]

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jacob morgan matt morgan

Jacob Matt Morgan

Jacob Matt Morgan was seventeen years old when he set a fatal fire that would kill his fourteen month old brother. Jacob Matt Morgan would be sentenced to fifteen years in prison Make Sure To Check Out Jacob Matt Morgan Main Page Jacob Matt Morgan – Family defends teen accused of killing 14-month-old half-brother near […]

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brandon McInerney

Brandon McInerney Teen Killer Murders Gay Classmate

Brandon McInerney was a fourteen year old teen from California who who would murder a classmate. According to court reports the victim Lawrence King was a fifteen year old student who was openly gay had been bullied for years because of his sexuality. Lawrence King had enough of the bullying and began to taunt other […]

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tyler quain

Tyler Quain Aka Preston Quain Teen Killer

Preston Allen Quain who goes by Tyler Quain was sentenced to 99 years in prison for a brutal murder that took place when he was sixteen years old. According to court documents the Texas teen killer went to the home of the victim where he would first beat and then stab the thirty two year old man […]

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Carlos Quevedo teen killer

Carlos Quevedo Teen Killer Murders Clerk During Robbery

Carlos Quevedo was a seventeen year old from South Dakota who would murder a store clerk during a robbery. According to court documents when Carlos Quevedo entered the store and was caught stealing beer he would attack the clerk and fatally stabbed the employee to death. This teen killer was arrested and convicted of the murder and […]

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frank quarles

Frank Quarles Teen Killer Murders Classmate

Frank Quarles was fifteen when he fatally shot a classmate in Florida. According to court documents Frank Quarles and the victim were in an argument over a bicycle. Quarles would take the bike and returned with a gun when he pulled it out and shot the victim twice . It took seven years for the […]

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