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Eric Lankford Teen Killer Murders 3 In South Carolina

Eric Lankford was fourteen years old when he murdered three members of his family in South Carolina. According to court documents Eric Lankford would fatally shoot his father, great aunt and grandmother with a rifle he was given as a present just a few months before. After the fatal triple shooting the teen killer would phone police […]

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tyson langley photos

Tyson Langley Teen Killer Murders 2 In Arizona

Tyson Langley would murder two people during a robbery in Arizona. According to court documents Tyson Langley would walk into a Peoria Arizona and would shoot two people in the head. When Tyson Langley was arrested in California and extradited back to Arizona where he would stand trial and be convicted of both murders and […]

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tj lane

TJ Lane Teen Killer School Shooter

TJ Lane is a school shooter from Ohio who at seventeen years old would bring a gun to school and shoot dead three fellow students. According to court documents TJ Lane, also known as Thomas M Lane III, would bring a .22 calibre gun to school where he would open fire striking and killing three […]

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Henry Laird Teen Killer

Henry Laird Teen Killer Beats Mother To Death

Henry Laird was seventeen years old when the teen killer from Oklahoma would beat his mother to death. According to prosecutors Henry Laird would attack his mother with a shotgun and would use the barrel of the weapon to strike his mother twenty times causing her death. At trial Henry Laird told the court that […]

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Alec Kreider Teen Killer

Alec Kreider Teen Killer Murders 3 People

Alec Kreider was sixteen years old when he murdered three people. According to court documents this teen killer would go into the home of a classmate where he would fatally stab the father and stabbed the mother. Kreider would go to the room of his classmate where a brief fight took place before he would stab the […]

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Stanley Kralik Teen Killer

Stanley Kralik Teen Killer Murders Man

Stanley Kralik was seventeen when he beat a man to death. According to court documents Stanley Kralik thought that one of his friends was sexually assaulted by an ex Marine. Stanley Kralik and Oliver Trizarri lured the victim to the woods, choked and beat him to death with a shovel. This teen killer was convicted of third degree […]

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