Terence Oliver Florida Death Row

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Terence Oliver Florida Death Row

Terence Oliver Florida Death Row

Oliver and Pinson had been dating since approximately December 2006.
Although Oliver described his relationship with Pinson as a “side”
relationship, the two lived together off and on during the span of their
relationship. Sometime between late May and July 22, 2009, Oliver
called Leander Watkins, his mechanic and a mutual friend of the couple,
trying to get in touch with Pinson. Oliver was concerned Pinson was
cooperating with the police regarding an outstanding warrant for his
arrest for a prior crime in Volusia County. Oliver asked Watkins if he
had seen Pinson, stating, “She’s going to make me do something to her.”
and Richardson had attended school together in Titusville. Growing up,
Oliver would walk from school on the path next to Richardson’s house.
More recently, in 2009, Oliver purchased marijuana at Richardson’s home,
which was at the end of W.C. Stafford Street, near a cul de sac.
the early morning hours of July 22, 2009, David Pouncey and Eric
Edwards stood near the road on W.C. Stafford Street. Richardson’s house
was on the opposite side of the street, approximately six or seven
houses down the street from Pouncey’s house. Pouncey remembered seeing a
person crossing the cul de sac at the end of the street, but he was not
alarmed. Then, coming from the cul de sac at the end of the street, he
heard dogs barking and banging noises as if someone were banging a stick
against a metal trashcan or knocking something against the door of
Richardson’s doghouse. Richardson was known to have numerous dogs in his
yard, and at least one inside the house. The banging noises continued
for approximately twenty to thirty seconds.
Two or three minutes
later, Pouncey and Edwards noticed a person running from the direction
of the cul de sac. A few seconds later, they noticed a second person
walking in the same direction. The only physical characteristic Edwards
could see was what appeared to be a pair of Timberland boots, worn by
the second person. Pouncey recalls one of the individuals having
dread-styled hair. Neither Pouncey nor Edwards could identify the
individuals seen fleeing the area that night.
At approximately
2:25 a.m., as Edwards prepared to depart W.C. Stafford Street, Pouncey
walked down to Richardson’s home to check on him. Pouncey followed
Edwards in calling out for Richardson, but he received no answer. Inside
the house, Pouncey and Edwards discovered Richardson’s body in a fetal
position near the side door of the house. Pouncey nudged Richardson’s
body a few times before pushing him over and finding him covered in
blood. Pouncey walked away from Richardson’s body and called out for
Pinson, whose car was parked outside.
Pinson had been staying with
Richardson. As Pouncey walked out of the dark master bedroom, he
tripped over Pinson’s body, which was positioned as if she had tried to
get under the bed. Both men ran from the house. Pouncey and Edwards ran
back to Pouncey’s house and told a family member to call the police.
Pouncey called Richardson’s brother, William Davis, who also had been
living at the residence where the victims were discovered. Davis arrived
and entered the home approximately three to four minutes before the
police arrived.
On the night of July 22, and the morning of July
23, 2009, Oliver visited Felicia Whaley—his former roommate—and her
boyfriend in Satellite Beach. Oliver slept in Whaley’s guest bedroom.
The next afternoon, Whaley was notified of the murders of Richardson and
Pinson. Whaley woke Oliver and told him to get ready to leave because
she had to go to work and needed time to take Oliver wherever he needed
to go. When Whaley woke Oliver, he seemed “normal.” After Oliver
finished a phone call, Whaley noticed that Oliver was crying. Oliver
asked Whaley to drop him off at a Walgreens store in Melbourne so he
could meet with some friends. Whaley noticed a vehicle containing two
women who were there to meet Oliver.
The two women were Sheena
Camiscioli and Chelsea Wilson, who arrived in Camiscioli’s Ford
Explorer. Oliver got into the back seat of the vehicle. He did not have
any items with him at the time. Camiscioli drove and Oliver instructed
her where to go. After dropping Wilson off at a friend’s house,
Camiscioli drove Oliver to a duplex where Oliver’s mother’s truck was
backed into the yard. At the duplex, Camiscioli stayed in the Explorer
while Oliver went into the house. Oliver returned with baskets of
clothes and shoes, which he put into the back of the Explorer. Oliver
got into the passenger seat and the two then went back to pick up
Camiscioli then drove to a house in Cocoa. When they
arrived, Oliver retrieved a shotgun from the back of Camiscioli’s
Explorer and entered the house. Thereafter, he exited the house with a
handgun that he put into the backseat with Wilson. When Wilson appeared
to be afraid of the weapon, Oliver wrapped it in a bag. While at the
house in Cocoa, Oliver asked Camiscioli if he could drive. With
Camiscioli in the passenger seat and Wilson in the back seat, Oliver
drove to a lake inside of an apartment complex, slowed the car down, and
threw the gun out of the driver’s side window into the lake. Camiscioli
asked him why he threw the gun out of the window but Oliver did not
They then drove to a Motel 6 in Cocoa, where Camiscioli
rented a motel room for Oliver for the weekend because Oliver did not
have identification. Camiscioli and Wilson returned to Titusville for
the evening. The police contacted Camiscioli that night looking for
Oliver, but she told them she did not know where he was. The next
afternoon, Camiscioli and Wilson returned to the Motel 6. When
Camiscioli saw Oliver that day, he was wearing a braided wig. Oliver
barely spoke to them.
Camiscioli was curious as to why Oliver was
being distant so she walked up to his room, alone. Oliver was sitting on
the bed in the hotel room. When Camiscioli asked him if he was okay,
considering Pinson’s recent death, Oliver began to cry. Oliver told
Camiscioli that Pinson “was on a lot of his paperwork and he was tired.”
Camiscioli recalled that Oliver began to cry even more when he
“mentioned that he was tired of the domestic violence and [Pinson]
always calling the police on him.” While crying, Oliver told Camiscioli
that he killed Pinson in Richardson’s bed, and he shot Richardson
because Richardson was there and was running out of the back door.
Oliver told Camiscioli that law enforcement was looking for him about
the murders, but he was not concerned because Richardson sold drugs at
the house so the murders would look like the result of a robbery. Oliver
also told Camiscioli he did not know why the police thought he did it
and that there was no evidence that he did it. The conversation ended
when Camiscioli turned and left the room. She did not contact the police
because, based on what Oliver had just told her, she was afraid.
However, she did tell Wilson.
The next day, the police came to the
Motel 6 looking for Oliver. Camiscioli and Wilson drove to the police
station to give a statement. At the police station, Camiscioli contacted
Tyrrell Oliver—her boyfriend and Oliver’s brother—and notified him that
Oliver confessed to her and she was a witness in the case.
July 28, 2009, Oliver contacted Watkins stating he needed some money.
Watkins contacted law enforcement to report Oliver’s whereabouts. While
still in contact with law enforcement, Watkins agreed to wire the money
to a supermarket in Cocoa and when Oliver arrived, he was arrested. He
was wearing a dread-styled wig at the time.
The next day,
Camiscioli directed law enforcement to the lake where Oliver had
disposed of the murder weapon. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Dive
Team retrieved a .40 caliber firearm and magazine, wrapped in the same
packaging that Wilson and Camiscioli had previously observed. On July
30, 2009, police went to the residence in Cocoa and recovered the
shotgun that Oliver had taken there. Oliver admitted to having possessed
the shotgun.

Terence Oliver 2019 Information

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ID Photo
DC Number:977097
Birth Date:09/03/1975
Initial Receipt Date:06/18/2012
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE
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