The Texas Seven Prison Escape

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texas seven prison photos
The convicts are top row L-R; Joseph C. Garcia, Randy Ethan Halprin, Larry Jame Harper and Patrick Henry Murphy, Jr. Bottom row, L-R; Donald Keith Newbury, George Rivas and Michael Anthony Rodriguez.

The Texas Seven prison escape caught the Nation’s attention when they escaped from the John Connally Unit near Kenedy Texas and they would be on the run for over a month. During an armed robbery a police officer Aubrey Hawkins would be killed. In this article we are going to take a closer look at the Texas Seven and what would happen to them once they were taken back into custody

Texas Seven Members

The Texas Seven were consisted of members who were all serving long prison sentences for a variety of offences. Lets take a closer look

George Rivas

The Texas Seven Prison Escape 1

George Rivas was the alleged leader of the Texas Seven. He was serving multiple life sentences for a number of armed robberies. Rivas would complain that his sentence was way too long as no one was hurt during the robberies.

18 Consecutive Sentences of 15 Years to Life

Joseph Garcia

joseph garcia photos

Joseph Garcia was serving a long sentence for a murder that allegedly took place during a drunken argument

50 Year Sentence

Larry Harper

larry harper photos

Larry Harper was serving multiple fifty year sentences for the sexual assault of three women.

Three 50 Year Sentences

Randy Halprin

randy halprin 2019 photos

Randy Halprin was serving a thirty year sentence for injury to a child

30 Year Sentence

Patrick Murphy

patrick murphy photos

Patrick Murphy was serving a long sentence for breaking into a woman’s home and sexually assaulting her

50 Year Sentence

Donald Newbury

donald newbury photos

Donald Newbury was serving a long prison sentence for aggravated robbery with a weapon

99 Years To Life

Michael Rodriguez

michael rodriguez photos

Michael Rodriguez was serving life in prison for the murder of his wife. Rodriguez hired a hitman to commit the murder

99 Years To Life

The Texas Seven Escape

On December 13 2000 the Texas Seven would escape from the John Connaly Unit maximum security prison near Kenedy Texas.

The plan was in works for a month before the actual day that they would leave. On the day of the escape the Texas Seven would use a number of ploys to take control of the area they were working. Nine civilian maintenance supervisors, four correctional guards and three inmates were all put under control by the Texas Seven. Each of the victims were knocked unconscious, tied up and all of their possessions were taken including clothes and credit cards.

The next step in the escape had three of the Texas Seven members leave the unit in civilian clothing and subdue a guard who was working at the guardhouse. Once they had control of the gate the remaining members would drive up in a stolen work truck, pick up the three and drive away from the prison. It was learned later on that Michael Rodriguez father had stashed a getaway vehicle nearby (the father would be convicted of a felony)

The white work truck was found at a Walmart in Kenedy Texas.

Texas Seven Prison Escape – Outside Of The Walls

The Texas Seven very quickly learned that they needed money to get out of the area. At first they headed to San Antonio but would later head to Houston where they would rob a Radio Shack on the outskirts of the city,

On December 24, 2000 the Texas Seven decided to rob a sporting goods store in Irving Texas, in order to pick up guns, ammo and money. Once inside of the store they would tie up employees and begin to ransack the store. An off duty employee noticed the commotion and would call the police.

When Officer Audrey Hawkins arrived at the scene he was immediately ambushed by a number of members of the Texas Seven. The Officer was shot repeatedly and would be run over by the car

audrey hawkins photos

Texas Seven Head To Colorado

After the murder of Audrey Hawkins there was a reward posted for the Texas Seven for $100,000 for information leading to their arrest and capture. The group would basically disappear from the map and would show up in Colorado sometime later.

The Texas Seven were living in a RV Park in Woodlawn Colorado where they were playing the role of Christian Missionaries. The acting worked for awhile however on January 20, 2001 the show Americas Most Wanted would air a feature on the Texas Seven whose reward had now climbed to $500,000. A number of people would call in telling the authorities where they were

The FBI and local police would follow George Rivas, Michael Rodriguez and Joseph Garcia out of the park to a gas station where the three were taken into custody. Randy Halprin and Larry Harper were located inside of an RV, Halprin would quickly give himself over to the authorities however after a brief standoff Harper would shoot himself in the chest taking his own life to avoid going back to prison.

The two remaining members of the group were located in a nearby motel. Patrick Murphy and Donald Newbury promised to turn themselves in peacefully if they could give a statement to the media. The authorities agreed. The statement basically was about the poor conditions and treatment in the Texas Department Of Corrections.

Texas Seven Prison Escape Aftermath

After all members of the group were arrested and taken into custody in Colorado and would later be transferred back to Texas where the surviving six members were put on trial, individually, for the murder of Officer Audrey Hawkins and the robberies. All six members would be convicted and sentenced to death.

Michael Rodriguez – Executed August 14, 2008

George Rivas – February 29, 2012

Donald Newbury – February 4, 2015

Joseph Garcia – December 4, 2018

Randy Halprin and Patrick Murphy are still on Texas Death Row

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