Thomas Gilbert Jr Sentenced To 30 Years

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Thomas Gilbert Jr

Thomas Gilbert Jr Gets 30 Years In Prison

Thomas Gilbert Jr was sentenced to thirty years in prison for the murder of his father. According to court documents Gilbert was upset with his father for cutting off his allowance so he would walk up to him with a high powered gun and shoot him point blank.

Prosecutors would tell the court that Thomas Gilbert Jr who graduated from Princeton University had been given a weekly allowance of $1000 plus they covered his daily expenses. His parents had decided it was time for him to be self sufficient and told him that they would no longer pay his way. Gilbert Jr tried to talk them out of it and his mother attempted to convince his father however Gilbert Sr was unconvinced

Gilbert Jr would be sentenced to thirty years to life after being convicted of both the murder and criminal possession of a gun

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Thomas Gilbert Jr Sentenced To Life In Prison

Thomas Gilbert Jr Sentenced To 30 Years To Life

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