Top Ten Teens Who Murdered Multiple People

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edmund kemper photos

In this article we are going to look at the top ten teens who murdered multiple people. What I will not include in this list is school shooters. Some of the people on this list would murder for the first time in their teens then go on to murder more people later in life including the guy in the featured image Edmund Kemper. Already lets get on with the list

Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper of course is best known for being a serial killer, the so called Coed killer however his career of killing people started when he was just a teenager. Edmund Kemper would murder his grandparents when he was just fifteen years old and instead of sentencing him to spend the rest of his life in prison he was sent to a psychiatric facility where he would be released a few years later and the rest as they say is history.

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Craig Price

craig price photos

Craig Price was a fifteen year old from Rhode Island who was just fifteen years old when he was arrested for the murders of a woman and her daughter. The scary part is that once he was arrested he would admit to another murder that he committed when he was thirteen years old. Craig Price knew that he could not be held past his twenty first birthday due to the laws at the time however lawmakers would look for any reason to charge him with additional charges to keep him in prison longer. Considering that Craig Price is now in his forties and still incarcerated thankfully the lawmakers plan works.

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Alex Baranyi and David Anderson

Alex Baranyi and David Anderson photos

Alex Baranyi and David Anderson are two teenage killers who are responsible for what is known as the Bellvue Murders. The two teenagers would lure a young woman to a park where she would be strangled to death. The two would then go to the young woman’s home where they proceeded to murder three more members of her family. When the two were finally arrested they would both be sentenced to multiple life terms with no chance of parole

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Alexander Pogosyan

Alexander Pogosyan photos

Alexander Pogosyan was seventeen years old when he took what is now known as the Littelton Massacre. According to court documents Alexander Pogosyan and his friend Michael Martinez would go to two separate residences where they would shoot and kill a total of five people. Before they could be arrested Michael Martinez was shot and killed, this murder is unsolved. Alexander Pogosyan would be sentenced to multiple life terms with no chance of parole

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Jasmine Richardson

richardson family murders

Jasmine Richardson was a twelve year old girl from Canada who along with her twenty something year old boyfriend Jeremy Steinke would murder her entire family. According to court documents Jasmine Richardson and Jeremy Steinke aka Jackson May would stab to death her mother, father and little brother as her family did not approve of the relationship with the much older man. Due to Canada law Jasmine was sentenced to ten years in custody and has since been released. Jeremy Steinke was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for twenty five years

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Nehemiah Griego

Nehemiah Griego photos

Nehemiah Griego was fifteen years old when he murdered his entire family. According to court documents Nehemiah Griego would shoot and kill his mother first and when one of his brothers would get upset he would be murdered as well. Nehemiah would then murder two more of his siblings before waiting and ambushing his father when he returned home from work. Initially Nehemiah Griego was tried as a juvenile but under the condition if he did not respond to therapy the charges would be revisited. As of 2019 Nehemiah Griego would be resentenced to life in prison as he still poised a danger to the public

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Graham Young

Graham Young Teen Killer Serial Killer

Graham Young was still a teenager when he would murder his stepmother by poisoning her but would murder more people later on. According to court documents Graham Young was fascinated by chemistry and would soon began to experimenting on his family with poison. Eventually his stepmother would die and Graham would be arrested and sentenced to a psychiatric facility however he would be released after nine years. Graham Young would again begin to poison his coworkers and eventually a number of them would die. Graham apparently told another coworker if police knew anything about a certain poison they would be able to arrest the murderer. Needless to say Graham would be arrested and sentenced to multiple life terms and would die in prison at a rather young age.

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Peter Woodcock

peter woodcock photos

Peter Woodcock was just a teenager when he murdered three young children and he was far from done. According to court documents Peter Woodcock would murder two young boys and sexually assault and murder a four year old girl. Peter would be found not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to a psychiatric facility. Peter Woodcock who would change his name to David Krueger would spend thirty some years in the facility and convinced a fellow patient that in order to join a special brotherhood he had to kill someone. Once on the outside the fellow patient purchased a number of items then signed out Woodcock from the facility. Woodcock who was outside of the facility for the first time in thirty four years would murder the intended victim, sexually abused the corpse and then would walk over to a police station and turn himself in.

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Robert and Michael Bever

robert and michael bever photos

Robert and Michael Bever were two teenage brothers from Oklahoma who wanted to become famous by being serial killers or for a mass shooting however they decided to start closer to home. The two Bever brothers would murder their mother, father and three younger siblings by stabbing them to death. Needless to say the two were arrested pretty quickly and the older brother would be sentenced to multiple life terms with no parole while the younger brother has a chance for parole in forty years.

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Harvey Robinson

harvey robinson

Harvey Robinson was seventeen when he would sexually assault and murder a nurse’s aide. Robinson was arrested on an unrelated charge and would be sentenced to eight months in prison. Robinson once he was free would sexually assault and murder two more women before he was finally arrested. Due to his age at the time for the first murder he was given a life sentence however since he was older than eighteen for the next two he would be sentenced to death.

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