Top Ten WWE Mugshots

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wwe wwf mugshot photos

Top Ten WWE Mugshot Photos

It is time for another mugshot article and today we are going to look at the world of professional wrestling with the Top Ten Mugshot Photos of all time. Now like most of my mugshot articles there is no ranking for this particular list and depending on your age you may not even recognize a couple of them. Already lets get going with the Top Ten WWE Mugshot Photos Of All Time

Lex Luger WWE Mugshot

lex luger wwe mugshot photos

The first WWE mugshot we will take a look at is Lex Luger who has been arrested a number of times over the years. Lex Luger whose real name is Lawrence Pfohl arrest that most wrestling fans are familiar with follows the death of his girlfriend Elizabeth Hulette who was known as Miss Elizabeth to wrestling fans. After her death from an overdose police searched their home and found a large assortment of drugs which Luger would be charged with. Lex Luger would later plead guilty and would be fined.

Booker T WWE Mugshot

booker t mugshot photos wwe

This might be my favorite WWE mugshot as the story behind it is pretty sweet. Booker T whose real name is Booker Hudson was arrested when the restaurant he was working in was robbed. Turned out Booker and his friends were pulling armed robberies. Booker T was sentenced to five years in prison and would serve nineteen months and would completely change his life.

Lita WWE Mugshot

lita wwe mugshot amy dumas

At one time Lita was the top woman wrestler in the WWE but then she suffered a neck injury that ended her wrestling career prematurely. However on the day of her arrest Lita whose real name is Amy Dumas was driving much faster than the posted speed limit which is bad enough but she was also driving on a suspended license so she was arrested. At least her mugshot looks good.

Brock Lesnar WWE Mugshot

brock lesnar wwe mugshot photos

Brock Lesnar who has been a huge star for both the WWE and the UFC was arrested in 2001 for illegal possession of steroids. In the end it turned out the substance was not actually steroids but a legal growth hormone. Brock Lesnar would be charged in Alberta Canada during a hunting trip and would later plead guilty to mistagging the animal.

Ric Flair WWE Mugshot

ric flair mugshot photos wwe

Ric Flair is of course a legend in the WWE and for professional wrestling as a whole. Ric Flair whose real name is Richard Fliehr Of course Ric Flair moment of infamy happened when a judge issued an arrest warrant following a road rage incident. Turns out Ric Flair would jump out of his vehicle, grab the other motorist by the neck and kick the victims car.

Charlotte Flair WWE Mugshot

charlotte flair wwe mugshot photos

Well since I included Ric Flair to the Top Ten WWE Mugshots I can not exclude his daughter Charlotte Flair who has her own mugshot . Charlotte Flair whose real name is Ashley Fliehr was arrested in 2008 for assaulting a police officer. Turns out Charlotte ex boyfriend Riki Johnson was involved in an argument with her father Ric Flair which got out of hand. When the police arrived Charlotte Flair assaulted an officer.

Jerry Lawler WWE Mugshot

jerry lawler wwe mugshot photos

Jerry Lawler is a former professional wrestler and a color commentator for the WWE. Jerry “The King” Lawler and girlfriend Lauryn McBride were involved in an argument that turned violent. When police came to investigate both would be arrested and charged with domestic violence. Unfortunately in 2018 his son Brian Lawler would be arrested and hang himself in his jail cell. Jerry Lawler would later sue the facility for failing to protect his son.

Scott Hall WWE Mugshot

scott hall wwe mugshot photos

Scott Hall is a weird one on this list as you have to wonder if his personal life was in a better state that he would have been on the list for best WWE wrestler ever. However Scott Hall personal life was chaos and he had a ton of arrests, drug violations and suspensions. Scott Hall who would be arrested in 1983 for shooting another man, he would later get off on self defense. Hall would later be arrested for a couple of assaults and being drunk in public.

Jeff Hardy WWE Mugshot

jeff hardy mugshot wwe photos

Jeff Hardy is one of the most talented wrestlers to ever compete in the WWE and could have been bigger than John Cena however his personal life is a disaster. Jeff Hardy has been arrested numerous times for incidents involving alcohol including two DUI’s in less than two years, possession of illegal substances that sent him to prison for ten days.

Sunny WWE Mugshot

Tammy Sytch sunny wwe mugshot photos

At one time Sunny was one of the most popular female wrestlers in the world however since she left the squared circle Tammy Sytch has been in trouble over and over again. As of this writing Sunny is still waiting to go to trial for violating her parole conditions again. Tammy Sytch has had a battle with drug addiction and alcohol. Following two arrests for DUI Tammy Sytch was sent to prison and has been in and out ever since.

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