Tyler Holder Teen Killer Murders 6 Year Old Girl

Tyler Holder Teen Killer

Tyler Holder was seventeen years old when he sexually assaulted and murdered a six year old girl. The six year old girls body was found in a tarp wrapped up. Three weeks later this teen killer would burn the victims family car and soon after he would be arrested on both the arson and murder. Holder would be shot when police officers came to arrest him and an officer would be hurt in the shootout. Tyler Holder would be sentenced to life without parole

Tyler Holder 2021 Information

SID Number:    50033785

TDCJ Number:    01947290


Race:    W

Gender:    M

DOB:    1995-11-02

Maximum Sentence Date:    LIFE SENTENCE        CUMULATIVE OFFENSES

Current Facility:    ROBERTSON

Projected Release Date:    NOT AVAILABLE

Parole Eligibility Date:    2043-07-23

Tyler Holder More News

Eighteen-year-old Tyler Holder, jailed last year for raping and killing a 6-year-old neighbor and shooting an Arlington police officer, pleaded guilty Thursday. He will now spend at least 50 years in prison.

Tyler Holder’s trial was set to begin on Oct. 20. But according to the Tarrant County district attorney’s office today, Holder agreed to plead guilty to three charges: killing Alanna Gallagher; setting fire to the Gallagher family’s house during a memorial on July 19, 2013; and the attempted capital murder of Arlington police detective Charles Lodatto four days later.

According to the terms of the plea deal, Holder will get life on the murder charge and 20 years on the arson charge. Those sentences will be served concurrently. Tyler Holder will also serve 40 years for trying to kill Lodatto. That sentence, say prosecutors, will be “stacked on top of the life sentence.” According to the district attorney’s office, Holder will have to finish serving his time — or receive parole — on the murder and arson charges before he can begin serving time on the attempted capital murder charge.

“In essence,” says the district attorney’s office in a statement released today, Tyler Holder “must serve a minimum of 50 years in prison.”

Initially Holder was charged with capital murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence without possibility of parole, but prosecutors say they went with the lesser charge of murder because of Holder’s age at the time: 17. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled two years ago that mandatory life sentences for defendants younger than 18 are unconstitutional. Prosecutors didn’t want to risk Holder getting out early because of a legal loophole.

And they say his conviction was a lock based on DNA evidence that tied him to the rape and murder of Alanna Gallagher, who was found wrapped in a tarp — her head covered in plastic grocery sacks, her wrists and ankles bound in duct tape — on a Saginaw street on July 1 of last year. Two weeks later, during a memorial at the family’s house, a car and part of the house were set on fire.

Holder, who lived near the little girl, initially said he’d had no contact with her. DNA evidence found at the scene proved otherwise. When police went to arrest Holder on July 23, he pulled a gun and shot Lodatto in the groin.

When police searched the Tyler Holder residence, they found plenty of evidence tying him to the little girl’s murder, including paper towels with blood, condoms, latex gloves, phones, computers, clothes and the very same red duct tape used to bind Alanna’s hands and feet. They also found a note he’d left for his mother, Kimberly, which read: “I love you. I’m sorry.”

Tyler Holder More News

A North Texas teenager accused of sexually assaulting and suffocating a 6-year-old girl whose naked body was found wrapped in a tarp last summer was sentenced Thursday to life in prison after pleading guilty.

Tarrant County prosecutors said Tyler Holder, 18, of Saginaw, pleaded guilty to three separate charges: murder in the death of his neighbor, Alanna Gallagher; arson for setting the girl’s home on fire almost three weeks after her body was found; and attempted capital murder for shooting a police officer as he was being arrested in the girl’s death.

“Today a dangerous killer was brought to justice,” Deputy Chief District Attorney Bob Gill said in a news release.

Prosecutors, who said DNA linked Holder to the crime, said that in exchange for the guilty pleas, they agreed to a life sentence on the murder charge and 20 years on the arson charge, to be served concurrently. They also agreed to a 40-year prison term for the attempted capital murder charge, which will be served consecutively.


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Tyler Holder Now

Tyler Holder is currently incarcerated at the Ferguson Unit

Tyler Holder Release Date

Tyler Holder is serving life without parole

  1. Tyler Holder Now

    Tyler Holder is currently incarcerated at the Ferguson Unit

  2. Tyler Holder Release Date

    Tyler Holder is serving life without parole

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