Walter McMillian Wrongful Conviction

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Walter McMillian

Walter McMillian was a case where a man was sentenced to death and it would later be proved that he had nothing to do with the crime that sent him to death row in Alabama.

In 1986 Ronda Morrison was found dead at Jackson Cleaners in Monroeville Alabama. The white woman had been shot multiple times from behind. The Sheriff Tom Tate who was newly elected in 1987 was under pressure from the people who voted him into office to solve the year old murder and soon after he would arrest Walter McMillian, a man who had never been arrested for anything other than being in a bar fight and at the time of the murder was at a church fish fry where a ton of people saw him including a police officer.

Somehow the case went to trial and the jury convicted Walter McMillian of the crime. The jury would sentence him to life in prison however the judge on the case would change that to the death penalty.

Walter McMillian would try four times to have his appeal heard by the Alabama Court Of Criminal Appeals and would be refused. Finally in 1993 Walter would get his appeal heard and the judges overhearing the appeal would quickly rule that his original trial had been a farce due to the overwhelming evidence that pointed to Walter McMillian innocence.

Walter McMillian would be released from Alabama’s death row soon after. McMillian would sue a number of parties involved in his arrest and would settle out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Walter McMillian suffering from dementia would pass away in 2013

A movie titled, Just Mercy, will be released in 2019 that shows the journey of Walter McMillian through his arrest until his exoneration

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