Wayne Boden Serial Killer – The Vampire Rapist

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Wayne Boden was a serial killer and serial rapist from Canada dubbed The Vampire Rapist

Wayne Boden was born in Dundas Ontario where in high school he was known as a quiet, muscular teen who played for the high school football team.

In October 1969 Wayne Boden would murder his victim who happened to live next door to him in Montreal Quebec.  When the woman’s body was found she had been fully dressed how ever she had been sexually assaulted before being strangled to death.  The woman’s breasts had deep bite marks.

The second murder took place a month later when a jewelry clerk left work with a man she had introduced to coworkers as Bill.  Days later her boss would go to her residence as she had not shown up for work and would find her body.  Again the woman had been sexually assaulted, fully clothed and would have bite marks on her breasts

The third murder took place two months later.  The victims boyfriend would show up at her residence and found her not home.  He would return an hour later and would find the woman naked and lying on her bed.  This time there were no bite marks.  Police would assume that the boyfriends earlier arrival stopped Boden from completing his signature acts

The last murder took place in Calgary Alberta over a year later.  The victim’s body was found on the floor by her landlord.  Once again the woman’s breasts had deep bite marks.  After investigating the scene police found a broken cuff link.  The woman’s co workers told police they had seen her earlier on the night that she was murdered driving in a blue Mercedes Benz with a man she had introduced as Bill.

Soon after the police saw the blue Mercedes Benz and would arrest Wayne Boden as he walked to his car.  Boden would later admit the cuff link was his but insisted that the woman was alive when he last saw her.

Police would ask a local orthodontist to confirm that the bite marks found on the victim were a match to Wayne Boden.  The orthodontist would write the FBI who would then direct him to England to a man who specialized in these type of cases

At trial it was proven that the bite marks were indeed created by Wayne Boden who was convicted and sentenced to the maximum punishment under Canadian law which was twenty five years to life.

Boden would escape from prison in 1976 when he was somehow granted a credit card from American Express and would flee when on a day pass.  Boden was captured 36 hours later

Wayne Boden would die in prison in March 2006 from skin cancer

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