William Keck Nevada Death Row

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William Keck Nevada Death Row 1

William Keck

A man suspected of killing the 18-week-old fetus of his estranged
wife and of killing the woman’s new boyfriend was indicted by a federal
grand jury in Arizona earlier this year on charges of assault and
robbery, according to documents obtained by the Las Vegas Sun.
John Keck was charged, along with five others, after an attack on two
men at the Kingman Wash on the Arizona side of Lake Mead on Feb. 24,
according to the indictment. The charges were filed in federal court
because the Lake Mead National Recreation Area is federal land.
Keck told a special agent that two men in a boat approached Keck’s group, which had set up camp on the shore.
said his companions worried the two men who had arrived on a boat were
“cops.” His girlfriend said one of the men “creeped her out.” When Keck
asked the men to leave, one man told Keck he should go instead. Keck
told the agent he punched the man in the temple and the man fell
backward, then he said he punched him three more times as the victim
fell to the ground.
As Keck dragged the unconscious man about 75
feet, he yelled to his companions to “get his friend,” the criminal
complaint states. The two men who were beaten also were robbed of
$1,800, their keys, cell phones and other property. The victims both had
broken noses, bruises, lacerations requiring staples and both were
treated at a local hospital, the special agent said.
Attorney David Roger has filed an additional charge of manslaughter
against Keck in the death of his estranged wife’s fetus after he carved a
hole in the door of her home with a chain saw and sprayed gunfire
through it, killing her new boyfriend as well as the unborn baby.
Police said Wednesday that the woman, Angelique Keck, is recovering from the gunshot wounds.
arrested Keck, of Las Vegas, Monday on a charge of murder with a deadly
weapon and a charge of attempted murder. He has also been charged with
battery with use of a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm
and burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon. He was booked into
the Clark County Detention Center, police said.
The manslaughter charge was added under a state law that protects unborn children who move in the mother’s womb.
incident happened at 1:10 a.m. Monday, when security officer Matthew
Staley was surveying the grounds at the Villa Cordoba Apartments at 2800
Eastern Ave., according to a police report. Staley told police he heard
what sounded like a power drill coming from one of the buildings.
Staley investigated the noise, he saw a man dressed in black, including
boots and a cap, standing at the door of an apartment holding an
assault-type rifle in his hands, the report said.
Police reported
that as Staley made eye contact with the man, he pointed the weapon at
Staley and said in a loud voice, “I wouldn’t do that.”
As Staley
turned and ran down the stairs he heard numerous shots fired and ran for
cover in the next building, then called 911, the report said.
the apartment, 26-year-old Jonathan Lestelle had been sitting on a
couch with his girlfriend, Angelique Keck, who is still married to
William Keck, police said.
When William Keck sawed a hole through
the door with a chain saw and sprayed the room with gunfire from the
assault rifle, the couple on the couch ran for a rear bedroom, police
said. However, Lestelle and Angelique Keck each were shot several times,
police said. Lestelle died at the scene.
Angelique Keck told
police she had separated from her husband and that he had threatened to
shoot her in the stomach and kill the baby, the report said.
Angelique Keck was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center and is recovering from her injuries.
Keck lives in an apartment with his brother in the eastern valley,
where police found him. Police said when officers read Keck his Miranda
rights he told them he did not understand, so they spent some time
explaining, the report said.
Wiliam Keck told police he loves his
wife deeply, but that he has had other girlfriends since the
separation, the police report said. He also told police he is taking
several medications.
Keck told police that he doesn’t remember
being at the apartment complex where his wife and her boyfriend were
living. Keck said he owned an assault rifle, but had given it to
friends, as he is not allowed to be around guns. His rifle was in the
hands of a friend named “Fox,” he told police.
Under a search warrant, police found an empty box of rifle bullets in Keck’s apartment.

William Keck

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