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billy flynn pamela smart murder photos

William Billy Flynn And The Pamela Smart Murder

Billy Flynn was just fifteen years old when an affair with his teacher Pamela Smart would end with the murder of her husband Greg Smart. According to court documents Billy Flynn and Pamela Smart would start an affair in 1990 that quickly grew out of hand. Eventually the two plotted together along with two other […]

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Nicole Kasinskas photos

Nicole Kasinskas Teen Killer Murders Mother

Nicole Kasinskas was sixteen when she plotted and murdered her mother in New Hampshire. According to court documents Nicole Kasinskas and her boyfriend William Sullivan conspired to kill her mother as the sixteen year old was worried her mother would not let her leave the State with her new boyfriend. On the day of the […]

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James Parker And Robert Tulloch photos

James Parker And Robert Tulloch Teen Killers – The Dartmouth College Massacre

James Parker And Robert Tulloch would murder two Dartmouth College professors in 2001. According to court reports sixteen year old James Parker and seventeen year old Robert Tulloch decided they wanted to go to California but they needed money to complete the trip so they decided the house of two Dartmouth College professors would have […]

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