US Executions

us executions

Since the 1970’s there has been more than 1500 executions in the United States with the most executions taking place in Texas who have executed over five hundred individuals alone. Then we have States such as California who is the home for the largest death row in the country yet they have only had thirteen executions since the reinstatement of the death penalty in the 1970s. With the problems with lethal injection the trend for executions is going back to older methods such as electrocution and the firing squad. Just a little tidbit here an execution by firing squad is the only method that has not had a failure with lethal injections leading the way with the most botched.

2021 US Executions

Lisa Montgomery – Federal

Corey Johnson – Federal

Dustin Higgs – Federal

Quintin Jones – Texas

John Hummel – Texas

2020 US Executions

John Gardner – Texas

Donnie Lance – Georgia

Abel Ochoa – Texas

Nicholas Sutton – Tennessee

Nathaniel Woods – Alabama

Walter Barton – Missouri

Billy Wardlow – Texas

Daniel Lee – Federal

Wesley Purkey – Federal

Dustin Honken – Federal

Lezmond Mitchell – Federall

Keith Nelson – Federal

William LeCroy – Federal

Christopher Vialva– Federal

Orlando Hall – Federal

Brandon Bernard – Federal

Alfred Bourgeois – Federal

2019 US Executions

Robert Jennings – Texas

Domineque Ray – Alabama

Billie Coble – Texas

John King – Texas

Scotty Morrow – Georgia

Michael Samra – Alabama

Donnie Johnson – Tennessee

Robert Long (Bobby Joe Long) – Florida

Christopher Price – Alabama

Marion Wilson – Georgia

Stephen West – Tennessee

Larry Swearingen – Texas

Gary Bowles – Florida

Billy Crutsinger – Texas

Mark Soliz – Texas

Robert Sparks – Texas

Russell Bucklew – Missouri

Charles Rhines – South Dakota

Justen Hall – Texas

Ray Cromartie – Georgia

Lee Hall – Tennessee

Travis Runnels – Texas

2018 US Executions

Anthony Shore – Texas

William Rayford – Texas

John Battaglia – Texas

Eric Branch – Florida

Michael Eggers – Alabama

Carlton Gary – Georgia

Rosendo Rodriguez – Texas

Walter Moody – Alabama

Erick Davila – Texas

Robert Butts – Georgia

Juan Castillo – Texas

Danny Bible – Texas

Christopher Young – Texas

Robert Van Hook – Ohio

Billy Ray Irick – Tennessee

Carey Moore – Nebraska

Troy Clark – Texas

Daniel Acker – Texas

Rodney Berget – South Dakota

Edmund Zagorski – Tennessee

Robert Ramos – Texas

Joseph Garcia – Texas

David Miller – Tennessee

Alvin Braziel – Texas

Jose Jimenez – Florida

2017 US Executions

Christopher Wilkins – Texas

Ricky Gray – Virginia

Terry Edwards – Texas

Mark Christeson – Missouri

Rolando Ruiz – Texas

James Bigby – Texas

Ledell Lee – Arkansas

Jack Jones – Arkansas

Marcel Williams – Arkansas

Kenneth Williams – Arkansas

JW Ledford – Georgia

Thomas Arthur – Alabama

Robert Melson – Alabama

William Morva – Virginia

Ronald Phillips – Ohio

TaiChin Preyor – Texas

Mark Asay – Florida

Gary Otte – Ohio

Michael Lambrix – Florida

Robert Pruett – Texas

Torrey McNabb – Alabama

Patrick Hannon – Florida

Ruben Cardenas – Texas