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Ohio Death Row Inmate List

ohio death row

Ohio Death Row for men is located at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution. Ohio Death Row for women is located at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville. All Ohio executions take place at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville. The primary method of execution is lethal injection

Ohio Death Row Inmate List – Women

Donna Roberts

Ohio Death Row Inmate List – Men – A to C

Stanley Adams

Nawaz Ahmed

David Allen

Anthony Apanovitch

Abdul Awkal

Tyrone Ballew

Richard Bays

Richard Beasley

Anthony Belton

Robert Bethel

Melvin Bonnell

David Braden

Grady Brinkley

George Brinkman

Quisi Bryan

Cedric Carter

Sean Carter

August Cassano

Steven Cepec

Davel Chinn

Curtis Clinton

Timothy Coleman

Douglas Coley

James Conway

Derrick Cook

Jeronique Cunningham

Ohio Death Row List – D To H

Roland Davis

Von Davis

Archie Dixon

Joel Drain

John Drummond

Phillip Elmore

Gregory Esparza

Stanley Fitzpatrick

Shawn Ford

Antonio Franklin

Terry Froman

Clarence Fry

Larry Gapen

Kristofer Garrett

John Gillard

James Goff

Shawn Grate

Scott Group

Delano Hale

Gerald Hand

James Hanna

Jerome Henderson

Warren Henness

Danny Hill

Timothy Hoffner

Gary Hughbanks

Lance Hundley

Lamont Hunter

Percy Hutton

Ohio Death Row Inmate List – Men – I To L

Andre Jackson

Cleveland Jackson

Jeremiah Jackson

Kareem Jackson

Nathaniel Jackson

Stanley Jalowiec

Marvin Johnson

Elwood Jones

Odraye Jones

Phillip Jones

Donald Ketterer

Juan Kinley

Anthony Kirkland

Thomas Knuff

Keith Lamar

Lawrence Landrum

Edward Lang

Arron Lawson

Carl Lindsey

Charles Lorraine

Gregory Lott

Jose Loza

Ralph Lynch

Ohio Death Row Inmate List – Men – M To R

Clarence Mack

Michael Madison

James Mammone

David Martin

Charles Maxwell

Joseph McAlpin

Gregory McKnght

Freddie McNeill

Jonathan Monroe

Caron Montgomery

Lee Moore

Samuel Moreland

Frederick Mundt

Austin Myers

David Myers

Calvin Neyland

Matthew Nicholson

Tyrone Noling

Denny Obermiller

James Oneil

Gregory Osie

Kerry Perez

Mark Pickens

Wayne Powell

Walter Raglin

Jason Robb

Martin Rojas

Ohio Death Row Inmate List – S TO Z

Carlos Sanders aka Siddique Abdullah Hasan

William Sapp

Michael Scott

Kevin Scudder

Bobby Shepphard

Duane Short

George Skatzes

Kenneth Smith

David Sneed

Dawud Spaulding

John Stojetz

James Tench

James Trimble

Michael Turner

Raymond Twyford

Warren Waddy

Michael Webb

James Were

Hersie Wesson

Christopher Whitaker

Willie WIlkes

Andre Williams

Clifford Williams

Robert Williams

Jeffrey Wogenstahl

James Worley

Ohio Death Row –

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