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Lacy Aaron Schmidt was fourteen years old when he murdered his fourteen year old ex girlfriend. According to court documents Schmidt planned the murder for several weeks before the crime took place. The night before the murder he stole a gun from the victim’s father.

On the day of the murder Schmidt would walk behind the victim as she looked on her phone and fatally shot her in the back of the head. This teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison without parole

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YOB: 1996
HEIGHT: 6’02”


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The Georgia Supreme Court has upheld the murder conviction of a Columbia County teenager sentenced to life without parole for murdering his 14 year-old neighbor in Harlem. Schmidt shot and killed Alana Calahan, his friend and one-time girlfriend, at her home in January of 2011.

In February of 2012, Lacy Aaron Schmidt was convicted of malice murder, felony murder while in the commission of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of the crime, and theft by taking a handgun.

Prosecutors say Lacy Aaron Schmidt planned the shooting and stole a handgun from Alana’s father days earlier. They say he shot her in the back of the head while the Harlem Middle School student was on Facebook uploading photos, then dragged the body to the woods behind the home to cover up the crime.

Lacy Aaron Schmidt was sentenced to life without parole, five years for possession of a firearm and 10 years for theft to be served consecutive to the life sentence.

Schmidt appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court, arguing Judge Michael Annis did not let jurors know they could chose to find Schmidt guilty of involuntary manslaughter, a less serious charge.Lacy Aaron Schmidt also claimed his trial attorney was ineffective and that his sentence was “cruel and unusual punishment.”

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Presiding Justice P. Harris Hines, however, says the high court has rejected all his arguments. He finds the evidence “was sufficient to enable a rational trier of fact to find Lacy Aaron Schmidt guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the crimes of which he was convicted.”

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On January 31, 2011, fourteen-year-old Alana Calahan was fatally shot while in her home in Columbia County. Schmidt, who was then also fourteen years old, lived nearby on the same street and he and Alana were friends. The two were “boyfriend and girlfriend” for a brief time until Alana’s youth pastor advised her that she was too young for such a relationship. Nonetheless, Schmidt spent a lot of time with Alana and her family.

About a week before Alana’s murder, Schmidt entered the Calahan house when no one in the family was home; Alana was the first to arrive home and noticed that the door to the house was unlocked. Alana’s mother asked Schmidt how he got into the house, and Schmidt responded that the door had been left unlocked.

The mother did not believe him and angrily told him that he could not come to the house unless she or her husband was there. Schmidt was also forbidden to come over before 5:00 p. m. on week days. The family kept a shotgun and a handgun in the parents’ master bedroom, and the children were not allowed to enter the bedroom or touch the guns.

On the day of the murder, as Alana’s sister was waiting in the family pickup truck to transport Alana from the school bus drop off location to their house, Schmidt appeared and told the sister that he was not allowed to come over for the next two weeks. After the school bus driver dropped off Alana, the driver saw Schmidt walking nearby; Schmidt had his hands in his pockets and the hood from his jacket was pulled over his head. Immediately after the drop off, Alana was picked up by her sister and taken home.

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About twenty or thirty minutes later, the sister left the house to pick up their brother from the bus stop. At that time, Alana was at a computer, which was located beside the house’s sliding back door. During the approximately ten minutes the sister was gone, Schmidt entered the house, shot Alana in the back of the neck, and dragged her to the woods outside the house. Alana died from the gunshot wound to her neck.

The sister returned and saw Schmidt’s shoes inside the house, along with Alana’s shoes; it was common practice for family and friends to take their shoes off upon entering the house. The sister observed that the chair that Alana had been sitting in was knocked over and there was blood, later identified as Alana’s, all over the carpet. Schmidt came into the house through the front door and told the sister that someone had taken Alana and that he did not know what to do. Schmidt then went outside with Alana’s sister and brother, ostensibly to help in the search for Alana.

Schmidt quickly said he spotted Alana, pointed in a certain direction, and led the siblings to Alana’s body. The sister did not believe that Schmidt could have seen the body from his initial vantage point. Schmidt approached Alana’s body, and tried to pull a stick out of her hair; he then “started freaking out saying, oh, my [G]od, now my prints are on her and they’re going to think I killed her.” Schmidt did not cry upon seeing the body. The sister unsuccessfully attempted to revive Alana, and called police.

The police arrived to find Alana’s sister and brother crying and screaming, but Schmidt displayed absolutely no emotion; indeed, Schmidt acted as if “there was [not] a care in the world.” During police interviews, Schmidt exhibited conduct which raised suspicion, including attempts to cry which appeared to be disingenuous. After telling the police at least five different stories about what transpired, Schmidt admitted to having taken Alana’s father’s handgun from the master bedroom, and allegedly accidentally shooting Alana with it as he stood behind her attempting to unload it.

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However, it was later determined that in the position of the handgun mechanism as described by Schmidt, 13 pounds of pressure would have to be applied to the trigger in order to fire the handgun. Investigators later searched Schmidt’s residence and found a gun box, ammunition, and an owner’s manual for the murder weapon. The police determined that it was not possible for Schmidt to have brought the gun box to his home during the brief interval in which Alana was shot, and that he would have had to obtain it beforehand.

In Schmidt’s book bag, stashed in his bedroom closet, police found other items belonging to the Calahan family, including an iPod, RCA MP3 player, and a digital camera. Alana’s house keys were thought to be lost prior to her death, but were found several weeks later under mats on the floor of the Calahan family’s pickup, to which Schmidt had access.

Lacy Aaron Schmidt Resentencing

The Georgia Supreme Court has upheld the murder conviction and life prison sentence for a 14-year-old boy who shot and killed a 14-year-old girl in the east Georgia town of Harlem.

Authorities said the boy, Lacy Aaron Schmidt, went to his friend Alana Calahan’s house and shot her in the back of the neck in January 2011. They say he then dragged her into nearby woods, where she died from the gunshot wound, and later tried to make it appear that someone had abducted her.

Schmidt appealed his conviction to the Georgia Supreme Court, saying a judge and his lawyer had made legal mistakes, and that his sentence amounted to cruel and unusual punishment.

The court said Monday that his arguments were rejected, and his conviction and sentence were upheld.

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  1. Lacy Aaron Schmidt Now

    Lacy Aaron Schmidt is currently incarcerated at the Hays State Prison

  2. Lacy Aaron Schmidt Release Date

    Lacy Aaron Schmidt is serving life without parole

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lacy aaron schmidt
Lacy Aaron Schmidt Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend
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Lacy Aaron Schmidt Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend
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Lacy Aaron Schmidt Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend
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Lacy Aaron Schmidt Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend
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  1. Why hasn’t he been re-sentenced to ordinary Life in prison? Life without parole for people who commit the crime before reaching age 18 was held unconstitutional by the USSC. Ga DOC website shows his sentence is LWOP as of 2/10/2021.

    • In certain cases it is allowed hence the new sentencing hearing where the judge deemed he poised to much of a danger to allow out of prison

  2. He had no priors and has been in prison since the age of 14. How can he be LWOP? I understand the gravity of the crime, but did he at that age? I sincerely doubt it. This is sad from all angles. I pray for the family of the victim and for Aaron.

  3. His sentence was upheld as it was proved he planned the murder for weeks! That is why he still has LWOP! As he deserves! By age 21 he already had body tattoos! I know many people, young men who made mistakes and served several years in prison. They did their time as best as they could and came out tattoo free!

  4. You poor sweet summer child, having tattoos does not make you a bad person. Being a murderer makes him a bad person and that’s it. Lets stick to the topic at hand.

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  6. Its really sad about what happened to this young man he was sexually abused as a young child i no he was thinking about killing her weeks earlier its really sad and i feel for her and her parents instead of locking him up for life put him in some where he can really get some help im not on his side but damn pick at his brain get him the help he needs its really sad about kids locked up for life prison is not helping them at all

    • You certainly don’t feel sad for the victim or her parents if you have sympathy for him. Children do not premeditate murder, execute their friends, drag a dead body and then lie about it. Plenty of people have suffered horrific abuse, but they didn’t turn around and maliciously hurt others. He was a bad seed to begin with. Alana was young too, where is HER second chance. Some kids are just no meant to grow up in a free society. He is right where he belongs.

  7. As he ages, you can almost see him getting colder and harder in the pictures. Never had a chance as a child. But he is clearly where he needs to be now. So much time has passed. If he didn’t have empathy and compassion at 14, he surly didn’t learn it while in prison.
    How could he ever live amongst us again?

  8. I’m sorry, but all these females on here crying about why he’s serving LWOP ask yourselves, what if it was YOUR daughter, sister, niece? Would you still feel he deserves to live knowing he took a life? Another thing, NOT ONCE was he said Why OR shown remorse.

  9. FREE AARON! I’m going to give a 3 perspective reasoning for my advocating for the defendant in this case. I’m definitely one hundred percent in favor absolutely beleive this boy Aaron needs to be recompensed for the injustices and time the system has stolen from his life. He suffered more then any other person has suffered. Enough! What’s done was done! Let him go. He will always be monitored on probation even if he was paroled. He will always have to pay for this. His life has been now beyond paid for. How much do people need to pay or suffer for you to see them as human? This is not a cold blooded calculating murderer. Not at all! This was a child!! This was very obvious some teen love accidental and combined with bad timing everything went bad. He serves more time then most rapists murders combined. And for that fact, all those people who secular abuses/abused Aaron as infant to 5 year old child are WALKING free today still abusing other childrem. So where is the justice? What justice? I’m sorry I don’t see it. This is a mistake. Can’t protect children yet you punish them? Can’t help beforehand tho? Let’s just be honest the girl he allegedly killed, which was an accident, which was over a decade ago when they were kids, I’m sorry but only reason he paid so heavily is Bc upper to middle class girl who’s dad was high up Marines and a respected family, who knew the investigators, the police as personal family freinds, the district attorney on Aaron’s case was also family friend. This is clearly social status and bias. The state of Georgia has taken public records from the open case file to restrict Aaron from having any fighting chance at a reasonable sentence. My strong voiced opinion ya sounds harsh but I’m just being strait. My findings are Based first and foremost on law. As Aristotle said, “law is free from reason”.Meaning: Emotion should not rule a court sentencing. However on this case, emotion and middle class social stays and power from the victims family completely manipulated ruled this cases findings based purely on emotion.
    It’s unconstitutional and illegal to hold him prisoner as he was a 14 year old child and he is serving as an adult for a crime he had no ability in his brain to understand the consequences nor the gravity for. No proof or evidence ever stating it was intentional. It’s all hearsay.
    Second perspective, It’s unconscionable that the judge & prosecuting attorney allowed grieving victims to decide Aaron’s sentence. Yes let me repeat that, the grieving parents decided Aaron at 14 without question to make his sentence. Look it up. Unprofessional and disgusting. This would never be allowed anywhere. Again, this is a injustice. That’s the South for you. Your reputation for being cruel proceeds you, this system is a joke 😂 I’m looking at this thinking what person with any sort of brains looks at this case and decides to send a young boy in with grown adults male inmates? yeah put a 14 year old child in with grown adults to rape him from 15 onwards. Is it justice how he was abused his whole entire life by adults then now gets punished by those adults and now still ensures more sexual rape in prison today? How is this justice for a girl who’s at peace I’m beacon probably urging humans to forgive eachother. Being raped and bullied by the real criminals is not justice for one life taken on accident. And the victims family who continues to pursue nonstop an otherwise child to undergo continuous abuse. The parents might be happier people of they were kinder or decided to forgive and maybe stop trying to make a child pay forever. It’s petty. As if this little boys life was not something to be valued. How was Alanas life more valuable then Aaron’s? Who gets to decide that?
    Yes Ofcourse I think we all understand and sympathize for Alana the alleged victims family. At this point the family is not a victim anymore at all they are bullies and they are the perpetrators now. No one would expect her parents to forget her. I’d never speak on their pain. Ofcourse the parents will always view Aaron as the root of their pain and no doubt dislike him. But they refuse to forgive and continue to seek punishment for a crime committed, a crime paid for a crime done. And they are “Christian” 🙄 right? I just see this a disgusting horrible travesty for everyone and just as much for Aaron as anyone else who suffered a loss. I’m sorry but the Callhams are not anymore of a victim to me in this case. They have freedom a good live and 5 other children so… I’m sorry you lost one. I am. I’m also wondering why they seriously felt the need to see eye to eye on this when a child is not on an adults level. I have no respect. I feel for Aaron. I seriously do. And I’d never be the type to say this but this is a strong injustice. Grant clemency. Forgive and get over it

  10. This was not premeditated. Maybe stop judging. If you look at the facts and the gross mishandling of this case, you may or may not feel differently. No I do not believe a child being thrown in with grown adults men to be raped repeatedly every night for an accident he Has LONG taken responsibility for is where he “deserves” to be. He deserves a chance absolutely. Ofcourse we feel for the victim and the family no one would ever say we don’t, but it’s also long been laid back to society and at this point this family is being a bully and letting negativity and judgment to rule their life. They’re not focused on their daughter or the victims, the dirty players are focused on keeping a case from returning to a lawsuit Bc of the gross unconstitutional crimes committed against Aaron. We get it he made a mistake it’s a sad situation but forgiveness is key for anyone to be able to live happy again. This girl who’s passed away long ago is not sitting in the afterlife wanting him to suffer more, so why should we demand or judge any of Gods children? Forgive. For you be judged.

  11. This is such an injustice to this young boy who now has been abused and raped by the system. Punishing a child. I hope pray he is released. He is forgiven. This is not an evil cold blooded killer that’s such a sick injustice by the false system. He was dealt a bad hand. This is absolutely unheard of to do this to a child. Just abolish Georgia. People forgive their crimes and others who hurt their family all the time. I’m sorry I do not feel moved by them unable to forgive something that happened so long ago when they he was 14 for gods sake. Smh

  12. He showed remorse in his video as an adult when he was given the opportunity to say what really happened and honesty I believe him, he didn’t to the officer’s—he was in trouble and responded like a child in trouble would respond with a repeated lie which statements that made no since and nothing connected- his body language showed he was nervous with officer when he told his story /as an adult he sounded defeated (broken) 😥 with the reality he took a life that meant something to Alanas family and to him. Regardless of his tattoos (the ink). They should be applying the law to everyone and stop using personal judgment in these laws and apply them to the poor (those who are already a part of the system expecially if they are male)

  13. I can’t believe the pity for Aaron. How many other people have come from horrible backgrounds but they made the choice to over come and actually made something of their life? 14 is old enough to know right from wrong! He chose to do what he did this was no accident. What choice did Alana have in this? Aaron took Alanas life what right does he have to keep his? Aaron has paid enough and deserves a second chance? Is Alana getting a second chance to live life? I’m really sorry if Aaron suffered the childhood abuse as has been stated but that in no way excuses him from what he did. There is a child abused every minute does that entitle them to do whatever they want? If your father comes home drunk beating you up and choking you. Does that mean it’s ok for you to choke your little sister? And lastly I’m positive people would be feeling a whole lot different about this if Alana had been their little sister, their child. But then maybe not…to say they have five other children? How much colder can you get? We are not replacing a dead puppy!

    • Better question, how much colder can YOU get?

      1) First and foremost, “We are not replacing a dead puppy”? Animal abuse is a real and serious problem. When our family dog passed, I was absolutely devastated. I couldn’t eat or sleep properly for two months. Clearly you are some sad, cold, bitter person who has never had pets, and I seriously hope you don’t get one, because based off your comment, you absolutely don’t deserve one! But who knows, if you get a dog, you’ll probably just “replace it” as soon as you get tired of it.

      2) Yes, Aaron was 14 years old. That is very much a factor for this case, like it or not. Clearly, you must have been an expert orator at 14, Diane, considering the eloquence of your comment. Probably never made a SINGLE mistake in your entire life.

      Yes, obviously Aaron’s mistake was a huge and horrible mistake which cost a sweet innocent girl’s life, don’t get me wrong, but a child’s actions are influenced by their surroundings. Aaron was ABUSED as a CHILD, the worst kind of abuse, so you take some time to let that sink into your brain, and please quit downplaying the severity of child abuse. Even the most hardened criminals in Supermax prisons absolutely LOATHE child abusers because they understand the severity of child abuse.

      3) “How many other people have come from horrible backgrounds but they made the choice to over come and actually made something of their life?” OK, but those kids probably had other emotional and mental support, were given the proper resources, and were saved on time. Those kids are definitely NOT the norm. And based off your heartless comment, Diane, you probably still don’t understand the trauma those kids face to this day, and the fact that many of them might still be seeking therapy to this day.

      We should be getting Aaron HELP!! Umm, news flash, throwing a 14 year old kid into a prison population full of a bunch of grown ADULTS doesn’t exactly construe the definition of “help”, per se, where he is constantly RAPED by the other inmates. Did you literally not see the documentary where the other inmates started ganging up on him?!?

      Oh wait, I’m sorry, you do think prison is helping Aaron. Wow, I hope you run for public office one day and treat all of our abused children in our country, because you sound like the type of person to offer INGENIOUS solutions.

      4) I hope you realize that the prosecution clearly has something to hide in Aaron’s case. If you actually saw the documentary, many details were left out from the trial. Aaron’s defense attorney has filed a writ to try to obtain some of the documents that the state of Georgia has hid from public view. The DA has clearly left out all probable cause that Aaron pulling the trigger could have been purely ACCIDENTAL. I mean, if he really wanted to kill Alana as quickly as possible and hide her corpse, why the heck would he take of his shoes and waste time? There is footage of Aaron crying in court, but the prosecution conveniently leaves that out for his resentencing, calling him a “cold” monster. And the DA, if you will look at her online profile, self admittedly “proudly backs the blue” in basically all circumstances. Obviously, she wants to ensue the toughest punishment possible, even if it’s towards a child, in order to butter up her CV. She’s basically a sheep for the police. Based off her history, she must have probably thought (and maybe still thinks) all police abuse against colored minorities in the US is a farce. Heck, maybe you think it’s a farce Diane? Sound South enough for ya!

      5) “If your father comes home drunk beating you up and choking you. Does that mean it’s ok for you to choke your little sister?” You tried giving an analogy, but it really makes me wonder about the messed up scenarios that play inside your depraved mind to even be thinking of such a horrific situation.

      6) My final thoughts and prayers go out towards Alana’s family, and I know that they must be in immense pain and suffering from the loss. I hope and pray that they find the strength for the future, and I hope that they are doing well.

      But I also feel for Aaron’s family and Aaron as well. Aaron’s conviction was not purely altruistic, rather there were some political motives as well. I hope Aaron pays for his mistake, and realizes the pain and suffering he has caused. I am in NO WAY advocating for a light sentence or early release. He needs to serve his time. But Life without parole is just ridiculous. 40 years? Sure, I would choose that, and then have him reform himself when he is in his 60s and actually contribute in some capacity to society.

      And prison is HARD TIME. Looking at your comment, Diane, you probably think state prison with other murderers and rapists is like Disneyland, with fairies and gnomes and princesses, magical and glittery. Well, guess what, it’s not, and I don’t think I needed to elaborate myself. After a long sentence like 40 years, Aaron will have done his time, definitely learned a lesson, and I do believe he can be rehabilitated.

      So yes, Diane, I do feel pity for Aaron.


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