Lacy Aaron Schmidt Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend In Georgia

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Lacy Aaron Schmidt was fourteen years old when he murdered his fourteen year old ex girlfriend. According to court documents Schmidt planned the murder for several weeks before the crime took place. The night before the murder he stole a gun from the victim’s father.

On the day of the murder Schmidt would walk behind the victim as she looked on her phone and fatally shot her in the back of the head. This teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison without parole

Lacy Aaron Schmidt 2020 Information

lacy aaron schmidt 2020 photos

YOB: 1996
HEIGHT: 6’02”


Georgia Department Of Corrections

Lacy Aaron Schmidt Other News

The Georgia Supreme Court has upheld the murder conviction of a Columbia County teenager sentenced to life without parole for murdering his 14 year-old neighbor in Harlem. Schmidt shot and killed Alana Calahan, his friend and one-time girlfriend, at her home in January of 2011.

In February of 2012, Lacy Aaron Schmidt was convicted of malice murder, felony murder while in the commission of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of the crime, and theft by taking a handgun.

Prosecutors say Lacy Aaron Schmidt planned the shooting and stole a handgun from Alana’s father days earlier. They say he shot her in the back of the head while the Harlem Middle School student was on Facebook uploading photos, then dragged the body to the woods behind the home to cover up the crime.

Lacy Aaron Schmidt was sentenced to life without parole, five years for possession of a firearm and 10 years for theft to be served consecutive to the life sentence.

Schmidt appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court, arguing Judge Michael Annis did not let jurors know they could chose to find Schmidt guilty of involuntary manslaughter, a less serious charge.Lacy Aaron Schmidt also claimed his trial attorney was ineffective and that his sentence was “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Presiding Justice P. Harris Hines, however, says the high court has rejected all his arguments. He finds the evidence “was sufficient to enable a rational trier of fact to find Lacy Aaron Schmidt guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the crimes of which he was convicted.”

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Lacy Aaron Schmidt photos
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lacy aaron schmidt photos

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Lacy Aaron Schmidt More News

On January 31, 2011, fourteen-year-old Alana Calahan was fatally shot while in her home in Columbia County. Schmidt, who was then also fourteen years old, lived nearby on the same street and he and Alana were friends. The two were “boyfriend and girlfriend” for a brief time until Alana’s youth pastor advised her that she was too young for such a relationship. Nonetheless, Schmidt spent a lot of time with Alana and her family.

About a week before Alana’s murder, Schmidt entered the Calahan house when no one in the family was home; Alana was the first to arrive home and noticed that the door to the house was unlocked. Alana’s mother asked Schmidt how he got into the house, and Schmidt responded that the door had been left unlocked.

The mother did not believe him and angrily told him that he could not come to the house unless she or her husband was there. Schmidt was also forbidden to come over before 5:00 p. m. on week days. The family kept a shotgun and a handgun in the parents’ master bedroom, and the children were not allowed to enter the bedroom or touch the guns.

On the day of the murder, as Alana’s sister was waiting in the family pickup truck to transport Alana from the school bus drop off location to their house, Schmidt appeared and told the sister that he was not allowed to come over for the next two weeks. After the school bus driver dropped off Alana, the driver saw Schmidt walking nearby; Schmidt had his hands in his pockets and the hood from his jacket was pulled over his head. Immediately after the drop off, Alana was picked up by her sister and taken home.

About twenty or thirty minutes later, the sister left the house to pick up their brother from the bus stop. At that time, Alana was at a computer, which was located beside the house’s sliding back door. During the approximately ten minutes the sister was gone, Schmidt entered the house, shot Alana in the back of the neck, and dragged her to the woods outside the house. Alana died from the gunshot wound to her neck.

The sister returned and saw Schmidt’s shoes inside the house, along with Alana’s shoes; it was common practice for family and friends to take their shoes off upon entering the house. The sister observed that the chair that Alana had been sitting in was knocked over and there was blood, later identified as Alana’s, all over the carpet. Schmidt came into the house through the front door and told the sister that someone had taken Alana and that he did not know what to do. Schmidt then went outside with Alana’s sister and brother, ostensibly to help in the search for Alana.

Schmidt quickly said he spotted Alana, pointed in a certain direction, and led the siblings to Alana’s body. The sister did not believe that Schmidt could have seen the body from his initial vantage point. Schmidt approached Alana’s body, and tried to pull a stick out of her hair; he then “started freaking out saying, oh, my [G]od, now my prints are on her and they’re going to think I killed her.” Schmidt did not cry upon seeing the body. The sister unsuccessfully attempted to revive Alana, and called police.

The police arrived to find Alana’s sister and brother crying and screaming, but Schmidt displayed absolutely no emotion; indeed, Schmidt acted as if “there was [not] a care in the world.” During police interviews, Schmidt exhibited conduct which raised suspicion, including attempts to cry which appeared to be disingenuous. After telling the police at least five different stories about what transpired, Schmidt admitted to having taken Alana’s father’s handgun from the master bedroom, and allegedly accidentally shooting Alana with it as he stood behind her attempting to unload it.

However, it was later determined that in the position of the handgun mechanism as described by Schmidt, 13 pounds of pressure would have to be applied to the trigger in order to fire the handgun. Investigators later searched Schmidt’s residence and found a gun box, ammunition, and an owner’s manual for the murder weapon. The police determined that it was not possible for Schmidt to have brought the gun box to his home during the brief interval in which Alana was shot, and that he would have had to obtain it beforehand.

In Schmidt’s book bag, stashed in his bedroom closet, police found other items belonging to the Calahan family, including an iPod, RCA MP3 player, and a digital camera. Alana’s house keys were thought to be lost prior to her death, but were found several weeks later under mats on the floor of the Calahan family’s pickup, to which Schmidt had access.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Lacy Aaron Schmidt 2020 Update

    Lacy Aaron Schmidt is currently incarcerated at the Hays State Prison in Georgia

  2. Why Is Lacy Aaron Schmidt In Prison

    Lacy Aaron Schmidt was convicted of the murder of Alana Calahan in 2011 in Georgia

  3. Lacy Aaron Schmidt Release Date

    Lacy Aaron Schmidt was sentenced to life in prison without parole. At his resentencing the inital sentence of life without prison was upheld

Lacy Aaron Schmidt Resentencing

The Georgia Supreme Court has upheld the murder conviction and life prison sentence for a 14-year-old boy who shot and killed a 14-year-old girl in the east Georgia town of Harlem.

Authorities said the boy, Lacy Aaron Schmidt, went to his friend Alana Calahan’s house and shot her in the back of the neck in January 2011. They say he then dragged her into nearby woods, where she died from the gunshot wound, and later tried to make it appear that someone had abducted her.

Schmidt appealed his conviction to the Georgia Supreme Court, saying a judge and his lawyer had made legal mistakes, and that his sentence amounted to cruel and unusual punishment.

The court said Monday that his arguments were rejected, and his conviction and sentence were upheld.

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    • Dennis Blackburn
    • January 4, 2020

    It is such a crying shame that way our sentencing children to life without parole in this country this says alot about who we have become and the failure of our justice system this young man Lacey Schmidt should not have been sentence life without what a terrible waste of life

      • AMANDA J VIA
      • January 10, 2020

      It is an absolute injustice to our youth that these sentences are being upheld. There very rare instances that a child cannot be rehabilitated or learn to refrain from criminal impulses, in those cases they should be committed to a mental institution for intensive treatment versus prison. I have gone over in my head millions of times, ” how would I feel 8f it was child?”, and evry time I feel I would be bitter and want what all these other parents want, but it is not right. Parts of cases aren’t being divulged to the court during the trials, individuals that do not know these kids are wanting them locked up forever. I pray that this changes!

        • TT
        • March 27, 2020

        He absolutely deserves life without parole. So now all these minors are going to go kill whoever they want cause they can get away with it. He does not sound remorseful at all. He sounded cocky and arrogant. Smiling and laughing saying he was going to be getting out. What about Alana? Can they dig her out of a grave And say you get a second chance to live? I’m tired of all these liberals giving everybody chance after chance. We need America back!

          • Julie
          • April 11, 2020

          Excuse you, liberals? I am a staunt Trump supporter, however I also have a minor in child psychology and no child should be sentenced to life without parole. There is a ton of science behind it and to make it political just shows how very ignorant you are on the matter. Educate yourself on the growth of the brain and the functions of those parts, also on the impact of childhood abuse on children.

            • Harold McConnell
            • April 19, 2020

            has nothing to do with growth brain its knowing full well the consequneces of the crime and he showed and still shows no remorse whatsover so psychology degree or not these kids know full well whats going on in lie compared to youths of years ago science ,,, technology,.. by far superior to years ago and these kids try use it fully to and know full well system try protect them in every way any andvantage than can be gained is used and abuse and its proven fact

            • b t
            • June 24, 2020

            My wife and I, both. taught school for over 35 yrs in the worst, slum schools in the big cities. I am an Ivy grad. My wife has 2 M.A.’s, including child psychology. We both agree ,STRONGLY, that the Supreme Court was outrageously insensitive to victims (and families) of teen-age crime. With all my heart I wish all you apologists out there are victims of a parolee! We are both of extreme poverty-stricken childhoods. We have street sense, obviously lacking in you.

          • Harold McConnell
          • April 19, 2020

          you are 100 percent correct he knew darn well what his intentions where and the consequences after same as any other youth at t he times of there convictions and for any one that says that they dont deserve the punishment u need to take there places behind bars then with them as well beacuse in cases of murder they get what is the punishment regardless they took a life with out a blink of the eye and no remorse as in lacy aaron schmidt truly the punishment of taking of a life should be life without parole no matter what case closed no exceptions no appeals ,,,,justice needs be done right and none these appeals should be let if u commited the crime

      • S
      • January 21, 2020

      Yes life in prison was TOO Lenient! You should’ve got the death penalty just like the one he gave to his ex girlfriend! Too many bleeding hearts in this world or why our streets are so dangerous these days.

      • MissKM
      • January 21, 2020

      The waste of life occurred when he killed Alana. She was 14. She did not see this coming. Imagine your child is minding their own business, in their own home, and then a monster disturbs the peace and comfort of that home, then proceeds to kill your child. I know that if that happened to me, there would not be an ounce of mercy in my heart for the killer.
      If you watched this boy in his TV interviews, you would see that he has no remorse for what he did. He is also not the type of person that will rehabilitate well. He was already stabbed in prison. You can be sure that he was not innocent in that encounter. He is where he needs to be for the protection of everyone else and to be punished for what he did.

      There are children who commit terrible crimes and are redeemable. Those children deserve a second chance to show that they can be a normal, law abiding citizen. This case just is not one of those special instances. You also have to be careful about the message you are sending to other children. If you go too easy on youthful offenders because if their age, then you are sending the message out to other kids that they better hurry up and kill that person they have their eye on, because the clock is ticking for them to redeem their “get out of jail free” card. The punishment must fit the crime.

      • loretta eidson
      • January 31, 2020

      It was a terrible waste of a young girl’s life, She will never have the chance that he has at life, at least he is alive, Alana isn’t! She never had the chance to become a woman, get married, have children, Why should he???

      • Josh
      • July 26, 2020

      This POS deserves to rot in prison. Child or adult, no difference. He knew what he was doing and did it. Guess what? The judge thinks so too! He will die in prison!! There is absolutely NOTHING that any child like this can provide to society except to die.

    • Jack End
    • January 13, 2020

    To all the replies I’ve read not one of you idiots mentioned the victim in this matter. That boy knew right from wrong and killed her anyway…..I’m only sorry for the the victim who has died for life and her family who has partly died from her loss.
    What a bunch of liberal idiots….maybe it should happen to your family and get back with me if it does.

      • S
      • January 21, 2020

      AMEN to that Jack! Life in prison was too lenient! He should’ve got the death penalty just like his ex-girlfriend it. And not 20, 30 or 40 years after the fact! After his conviction!

        • R. L. Dvorkin
        • February 26, 2020

        If he starts out at fourteen doing a murder it is well he is not on the streets.

      • TT
      • March 27, 2020

      Finally!!! Someone who gets it!

      • kitten
      • August 11, 2020

      don’t blame liberals. It is an admitted trump supporter above that is defending this POS. You can be liberal and realize this guy is a waste of breath and he should only get out of jail when she can walk out of the grave

    • Sally Stone
    • January 15, 2020

    The problem is, you can give me no absolute guarantee that he will be released and not murder again. It is sad, he has had a horrible life. If he is released and kills someone else then what. I do not feel we can take that chance.

    • KJack
    • February 10, 2020

    This murderer is absolutely NOT fixable. Observe his behavior and his words yourself; listen to the detectives that dealt with him and what they say (they have a bit of experience in dealing with criminals). Yes, he had a beyond horrible childhood, true, but many do and don’t brutally shoot a girl in the back of the head for NO REASON. He, unfortunately, is damaged beyond repair. I suspect sociopath. If he were sorry AT ALL, you’d have seen some sort of remorse, apology, etc… As the judge in his trial mentioned, he is remorseless. Cold, calculating pyschopath. He doesn’t feel anything, which allowed him to do what he did and not worry one bit about it. I feel his early childhood and circumstances combined with his genetics created what he is. And, what he is is a very, very dangerous criminal who cannot be let out to prey on anyone else. He needs to stay right where he is.

      • Silver
      • April 22, 2020

      100% agree!

    • Jodi
    • March 4, 2020

    As a statistical fact! Only 1% of ADULTS that commit murder and released go on to commit another murder. I imagine the rate for children is lower. YES! What happened to this young girl is a tragedy! Now we have 2 wasted lives. He was a child without a fully developed brain and was obviously deeply disturbed due to past childhood trauma. Life without parole is cruel and unusual punishment! What’s the point in keeping him in prison for 70 or 80 years?

      • TT
      • March 27, 2020

      what if he or any other minor did this to to your loved one? Would you be so quick to give them a chance at life again knowing your loved one can never get that? I think not. You should watch the documentary he doesn’t not sound remorseful at all. I fact he is laughing and smiling saying he will be getting out.

    • Elaine Jenniffer
    • April 1, 2020

    I couldn’t imagine losing my daughter under any circumstance, let alone something preventable. It’s unimaginable. I do however think of being 14yrs old. One thing I’ve yet to see is a motive… I can see this being an accident… being a liar & careless thief doesn’t mean someone is a cold blooded killer. I can see a 14 yr old panicking and not comprehending this happening… most people never even see a dead body… to think this was planned… I don’t think so.. he obviously wasn’t very good at covering it up had it been planned out. His reactions after the fact were of a panicked 14 yr old not knowing what to do & being scared.
    Accidents do happen.
    Actions however have consequences… He was out playing with the parents gun..(stolen). Was it not locked up? Kids do stupid things and anyone with a gun not properly trained is at a high risk for accidents.
    I hope the family can find some peace in this & let the hate go in their hearts one day… I’m not sure I could but if by chance this was an accident.. I wouldn’t want a 14yr old going away for the rest of their life.

    • Lisa
    • April 6, 2020

    It is truly sad when people don’t know that there are two sides to this story. Taking another life for another is incorrect. There are a few errors to this story.

    You would have to be there to really know. This was a mistake and I pray for him and for the other teens that go down like this, thrown around like this. Being locked up would mentally go insane.

    Most of the negative comments are based on people who don’t really know how law enforcement has abused their power. I am working on changing the future of these kids that end up in prison like this.
    The lack of remorse that people do not have is completely disgusting but not surprising. Unless you get to see some injustice happen to you or your kids will you really know.

    I hope by then if your kids end up in jail that I have already made a difference. We all have freedom of speech but I believe in something stronger than the negative comments. I believe in God.

    Looking forward to seeing Lacy out and getting the help he needs. Hope you all get to know what faith really is! It would change your lives <3

      • Delilah
      • April 20, 2020

      Maybe Alana could get the help she needs too. Oh, wait.

        • Susan E Slankard
        • April 23, 2020

        In 2015, my 16-year-old step-grandson planned the murder of my daughter, his father, and my 8-year-old grandson. He shot and killed them all and then to hide the evidence he lit them and their weekend cabin on fire and then without a license, drove 2 hours home and acted as if nothing happened.
        He literally EXECUTED his little half brother.
        The fire burned so long and so hot that by the time it was found there was almost nothing left of their bodies. He lied from the beginning and when he got caught in his lies he tried to say his dad was the original killer and he had to kill his father in self-defense. Their remains together weighed 32lbs. My daughter’s skull was missing, but her pelvis had scraps of metal in several places to show her shot her there multiple times. The only piece of my grandson’s skull that was left had a perfect bullet hole in it.
        He was tried as an adult and convicted of 3 counts of 1st-degree murder with a sentence of 50 years to life with a chance of parole in 25 years.
        I have not been able to finish CREMATING my daughter and grandson and lay them to rest because the remains are still sitting in a file box in evidence where the will stay until his appeals are exhausted, which by the way can take years.
        As long as I live I will do everything in my power to ensure that brutal, murdering monster stays in prison.
        Do you want to save these monsters? Why don’t you take them into your house and leave them with your children or other loved ones to help them readjust to freedom?
        Have you no clue of the pain you are causing the victim’s families.
        Have you no sympathy for the victims whose lives are obliterated?
        I am disgusted by people who THINK they know how it is for us and who think all of these animals can be rehabilitated.
        Justice for Victims!

          • Gems
          • June 19, 2020

          Susan, I can’t begin to imagine what this has done to your family. I’m heartbroken for you. It’s hard enough to lose a loved one but to lose multiple so senselessly and cruelly is beyond my comprehension. I’m sorry seems like it’s not enough but I am truly sorry for your loss.

            • Susan
            • July 9, 2020

            Thank you

        • Susie S
        • April 23, 2020

        Delilah, my reply wasn’t meant for you, it was meant for the one you were replying to.
        I loved your reply!

      • kitten
      • August 11, 2020

      sorry but all of my sympathy is used up for his victim and her family. He knew he shouldn’t kill her, he not only covered up the crime but was trying to accuse someone else of it. When the victims can get out of the grave, then the murderers should have a chance of getting out.

    • Silver
    • April 22, 2020

    I am totally ok with this piece of shit’s sentence being upheld. He absolutely deserves to be in prison for life. He showed no remorse. No care or concern for his victim. When you look at him, he has no light in his eyes. Even the pictures and video from the original crime interviews and court etc. Nothing. He’s lucky he was too young for the death penalty.

    • KW
    • April 28, 2020

    I have watched the documentaries on these kids. I’m sorry but for everyone that has been abused, molested or whatever the cause can be. You know from the age of 10 on up you know right from wrong. These monsters deserve everything they get. For the families of the deceased can’t watch their loved ones grow up and graduate or have families of their own or grandchildren. It makes me sick that they feel or think they deserve a second chance. They don’t!!!!

    • Diane
    • April 28, 2020

    Having a terrible life is NO EXCUSE for murder. This girl was executed. Shame on you! Awe, poor kid, he got life in prison. Get the F out of here. Shes rotted in the ground. I hope all you holy rollers would be as compassionate if he killed your family member.

    • Lovermom2
    • April 29, 2020

    I’m torn between this case. Both him and his sister had been molested from a young age and we all know that really screws with your brain and how you grow up. But at the same time, that abuse made him a sociopath. He doesn’t seem to be remorseful. The look in his eyes were dark. That’s the first thing I noticed in the crime scene photo. From the short clip of him in prison and the 2 black guys coming next to him putting their hands around his neck, it’s as though he’s being raped in prison, which I’m sure is a contributing factor of his stabbing. I say he should be rehabilitated and closely monitored.

  1. Reply

    I believe Aaron should remain in prison for the rest of he’s days “`Alana will not ever be given a second chance of life 😥😥rip Alana xx

    • Hooks
    • June 4, 2020

    He knew right from wrong he even tried to pull the race card he saw a black man and chased him, if it was truly a mistake he wouldn’t it have lied repeatedly

    • Perri z bitton
    • June 20, 2020

    This low life scumbag or any one who take someone else life should have been executed then when he comitted the crime. Its not late to execute him today. Murderers, rapist.,drug dealers and human being trafficking.
    With the stipulation in the law ,should face the death penalty. Anyone who think that we as a society should rehab them or forgive is an idiot

    • Alaiah
    • July 25, 2020

    This is a horrible situation a 14 year old boy that’s mentally ill from life situations kills a innocent girl rip and originally couldn’t confess to it and made up a story a black male committed this murder to ruin another person life tbh he needs the time in prison cause he was harsh on both ends.

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