Women On Death Row

Welcome to Women On Death Row where you will find every woman who is currently under sentence of death for some unspeakable crimes. I attempted to include as much reference and media material as possible for each of the Women On Death Row but surprisingly there is very little information out there for a number of the condemned. Seems like the only time the media is interested in death row cases is when one is sentenced and when one is about to be executed. The Women On Death Row page also contains all women who have been executed in the United States since the death penalty was brought back

Alabama Women On Death Row

Patricia Blackmon

Tierra Capri Gobble

Lisa Carpenter Graham

Heather Leavell Keaton

Christie Michelle Scott

Arizona Women On Death Row

Sammantha Allen

Wendi Andriano

Shawna Forde

California Women On Death Row

Rosie Alfaro

Socorro Caro

Celeste Carrington

Cynthia Coffman

Kerry Lyn Dalton

Susan Eubanks

Veronica Gonzales

Jessica Hann (Jason Hann)*

Lorraine Hunter

Cherie Lash Rhoades

Belinda Magana

Valerie Dee Martin

Maureen McDermott

Michelle Lyn Michaud

Tanya Jaime Nelson

Sandi Nieves

Angelina Rodriguez

Brooke Marie Rottiers

Mary Samuels

Cathy Lynn Sarinana

Janeen Snyder

Catherine Thompson

Mansling Tsang Williams

Florida Women On Death Row

Margaret Allen

Tina Lasonya Brown

Tiffany Cole

Georgia Women On Death Row

Tiffany Moss

Idaho Women On Death Row

Robin Lee Row

Kentucky Women On Death Row

Virginia Caudill

Louisiana Women On Death Row

Antoinette Frank

Mississippi Women On Death Row

Lisa Jo Chamberlin

North Carolina Women On Death Row

Blanche Taylor Moore

Carlette Parker

Ohio Women On Death Row

Donna Roberts

Oklahoma Women On Death Row

Brenda Andrew

Oregon Women On Death Row

Angela McAnulty

Pennsylvania Women On Death Row

Michelle Sue Tharp

Tennessee Women On Death Row

Christa Pike

Texas Women On Death Row

Kimberly Cargill

Linda Carty

Brittany Holberg

Melissa Lucio

Taylor Parker

Darlie Routier

Erica Sheppard

Women Executed In The USA

Lisa Montgomery – Executed January 13, 2021

Kelly Gissendaner – Executed September 30, 2015

Lisa Coleman – Executed September 17, 2014

Suzanne Basso – Executed February 5, 2014

Kimberly McCarthy – Executed June 26, 2013

Teresa Lewis – Executed September 23, 2010

Frances Newton – Executed September 14. 2005

Aileen Wuornos – Executed October 9, 2002

Lynda Block – Executed May 10, 2002

Lois Nadean Smith – Executed December 4, 2001

Marilyn Plantz – Executed May 1, 2001

Wanda Jean Allen – Executed January 11, 2001

Christina Riggs – Executed May 2, 2000

Betty Beets – Executed February 24, 2000

Judy Buenoano – Executed March 30, 1998

Karla Faye Tucker – Executed February 3, 1998

Velma Barfield – Executed November 2, 1984

Women Executed In The USA Video

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