Celebrity Crime

phil spector celebrity crime

When it comes to Celebrity Crime on My Crime Library the story contains a celebrity whether as the guilty party or the victim. Like all pages on My Crime Library this page will continue to grow with time

Amy Locane Celebrity Crime – Actress Amy Locane would be convicted of drunk driving causing death

Austin Jones Celebrity Crime – Austin Jones was sentenced to ten years in prison for child pornography

Bill Cosby Celebrity Crime – Actor Bill Cosby would be convicted of a number of sexual assaults

Christina Grimmie Celebrity Crime – Musician Christina Grimmie was murdered by an obsessed fan

Daniel Silva Celebrity Crime – Daniel Silva was convicted in the death of YouTuber Corey La Barrie

Danny Masterson Celebrity Crime – Danny Masterson was convicted to two counts of sexual assault

Dedrick Gobert Celebrity Crime – Actor Dedrick Gobert would be murdered at a street race in Los Angeles

Jared Fogle Celebrity Crime – Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle would be convicted on a wide variety of sexually related charges involving children

John Lennon Celebrity Crime – Musician John Lennon was murdered outside of his home in New York City

Johnny Lewis Celebrity Crime – Johnny Lewis an actor from Sons of Anarchy would murder an elderly woman

Josh Duggar Celebrity Crime – Josh Duggar was convicted of multiple counts of child pornography

Kidd Creole Celebrity Crime – Kidd Creole would be convicted of manslaughter

Lloyd Avery Celebrity Crime – Lloyd Avery would be sentenced for double murder than murdered in prison

Pablo Lyle – Pablo Lyle would punch a man during a road rage and the victim would die

Phil Hartman Celebrity Crime – Actor Phil Hartman would be murdered in his sleep by his wife

Phil Spector Celebrity Crime – Music producer Phil Spector would be convicted of murder in California

Rae Carruth Celebrity Crime – Rae Carruth would murder his pregnant girlfrined

Rebecca Schaffer Celebrity Crime – Rebecca Schaffer would be murdered by her stalker

Ryan Grantham Celebrity Crime – Ryan Grantham would murder his mother

Selena Celebrity Crime – Musician Selena would be murdered by a woman who ran her fan club

Sid Vicious Celebrity Crime – Musician Sid Vicious would be charged with the murder of his girlfriend Nancy

Tamara Sytch – Tammy Sytch WWE Diva Sunny would murder a woman in a DUI accident

Todd And Julie Chrisley – Reality Stars from Chrisley Knows Best charged with multi-million dollar fraud

Tory Lanez Megan Thee Stallion Shooting – Tory Lanez convicted of shooting at Megan Thee Stallion

War Machine Celebrity Crime – Former UFC fighter War Machine would be convicted in the brutal assault of adult actress Christy Mack

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