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Lloyd Avery Celebrity Crime Boyz N The Hood

lloyd avery boyz n the hood

Lloyd Avery was best known for his role in the movie Boyz N The Hood however his life would take an odd turn which would end in a violent death. Lloyd Avery whose early life was nothing like the character he would portray in the movies as he came from a good home and attended the prestigious Beverley Hills High School. When he graduated from high school Lloyd Avery decided to try his hand at acting. The young man would soon be cast in the movie Boyz N The Hood where his character would be responsible for the death of one of the lead characters Ricky. After Boyz N The Hood Lloyd Avery would be cast in the movie Poetic Justice starring the late rapper Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson.

Lloyd Avery life started to go sideways and soon he had adopted a new identity where he was trying to bring the characters he portrayed on the screen to real life. Soon after his last movie was shot in 2001 Lloyd Avery would be arrested, charged and convicted of a double murder in which he would be sentenced to life in prison without parole

Lloyd Avery would end up in Pelican State Prison and would be put in a cell with an inmate named Kevin Roby. Kevin Roby would ultimately murder Lloyd Avery in the cell as part of a sacrifice. Lloyd Avery body would take days for the guards to notice. Kevin Roby who was in prison for the murders of his sisters would receive yet another life sentence.

Of course the movie Boyz N The Hood has another tragic story attached to it as the actor who portrayed Dookie (Dedrick Gobert) was murdered at a car race by Sonny Enraca who would be sentenced to death and remains on California Death Row

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