• Crime Newscorbin johnson

    Where’s Corbin – The Murder Of Corbin Odell Johnson

    There is a new TicTok craze going around called “Where’s Corbin?” which was a line from a song by rapper Julio Foolio called “Beatbox remix/Bibby Flow and deals with the murder of Corbin Odell Johnson. According to sources Corbin Odell Johnson went missing in 2018 following a job interview and his body would be found a year later. Due to…

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  • Crime NewsAbel Elias Acosta

    Abel Elias Acosta Teen Killer Wanted In Triple Murder

    Abel Elias Acosta, a suspected teen killer, is being searched for by police in Garland Texas for a shooting that would leave three teenagers dead. According to reports Abel Elias Acosta allegedly walking into the gas station convienene store and would open fire killing three teenagers.  Richard Acosta, who was waiting outside of the store in a white pickup truck…

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  • Crime NewsJeremy Everett Goodale

    Jeremy Everett Goodale and Willard Noble Chaiden Miller Charged With Teachers Murder

    Jeremy Everett Goodale and Willard Noble Chaiden Miller are two teen killers who have been charged in the murder of their spanish teacher Nohema Graber. According to early reports the two teen stalked the women and learned all of her behaviors before the day of the murder. The murder which took place in November 2021 when Jeremy Everett Goodale and…

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  • Crime Newsyoung dolph

    Young Dolph Murder Suspects Photos Released

    In todays crime news, Just days after the murder of Young Dolph in Memphis Tennessee police have issued a photo of the two suspects in hopes it will lead to arrest. Young Dolph whose real name is Adolph Thornton, Jr. was at a popular bakery called Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies when he was approached by the two suspects who would…

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  • Crime NewsTaylor Rene Parker

    Taylor Rene Parker Murders Mother And Unborn Child

    Taylor Rene Parker a woman from Texas has been charged with two counts of Capital Murder for the death of a woman and her unborn child. According to police in Bowie County Texas Taylor Rene Parker would murder the woman and then use a small scalpel to cut the unborn child from the woman. Taylor Rene Parker would be pulled over by police…

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  • Crime NewsFredrick Baer mugshot

    Fredrick Baer Murders Mother And Daughter

    Fredrick Baer was sentenced to death for the murders of a mother and her young daughter in Indiana. Fredrick Baer was working as a construction worker in Indiana in 2004 when he forced his way into the home and attempted to rape the homeowner. Fredrick Baer would stab to death the woman and her four year old daughter. The psychopath…

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  • Crime NewsKing Von Dayvon Daquan Bennett

    King Von Murder Rapper Shot Dead

    King Von whose real name is Dayvon Daquan Bennett was shot and killed in Atlanta Georgia on November 6, 2020. According to police two groups of people were involved in an argument outside of an Atlanta nightclub around 3:15 am when it turned violent. According to police the two groups of people began firing at each other which would leave…

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  • Celebrity Crimejohn lennon

    John Lennon Celebrity Crime

    One of the most shocking murders that have taken place involving a celebrity is the murder of John Lennon. John Lennon who was a member of The Beatles and has been called one of the greatest songwriters of all time was murdered in New York City by a deranged fan Mark David Chapman. Lets take a closer look at the…

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  • Crime NewsRigoberto Lopez Mugshot

    Rigoberto Lopez Arrested For NYC Subway Murders

    The New York Police Department (NYPD) have announced they have arrested and charged Rigoberto Lopez with the two murders that took place in the New York subway system. According to police reports Rigoberto Lopez was arrested at a homeless shelter where he was still armed with a knife. It is unknown at this time whether that knife was the one…

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  • Celebrity Crimephil hartman photos

    Phil Hartman Celebrity Crime

    Phil Hartman was a Canadian American comedian who spent over eight years on Saturday Night Live and was starring in the popular television program News Radio when his life was cut short by his wife Brynn Omdahl. Phil Hartman Murder Phil Hartman and Brynn Omdahl were married in 1987 and it was the third time for the comedian. Unfortunately the…

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