My Crime Library Forum

my crime library forum

Once again thank you for supporting My Crime Library and I am going to introduce the newest feature to this particular website with My Crime Library Forum. I started to build the forum a couple of days ago and it will be awhile before it is a hundred percent however it is going pretty quickly … Read more

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb Teen Killers

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were two teen killers who were raised in households full of love and money however the two would attempt to pull off the perfect murder. In this article we are going to take a closer look at Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb and the murder of Bobby Franks. Nathan Leopold … Read more

Dakota Wall Teen Killer Sets Up Sisters Murder

dakota wall

Dakota Wall would tell police she just wanted to scare her half sister Sidnee Stephens so she arranged for four of her friends Robbie Mueller, James Glazier, Chad Bennett, and Carl Dane who would force their way into the home and kidnap the fifteen year old girl. Sidnee Stephens would be forced into the trunk … Read more

Zy’Quan Kelley Teen Killer Murders 2 Year Old Girl

Zy’Quan Kelley Teen Killer

Zy’Quan Kelley was seventeen years old when he murdered a two year old girl. According to court documents the teen killer and his brother were babysitting the two year old girl and her brother when Zy’Quan Kelley struck the child several times causing her death. Zy’Quan Kelley would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to thirty … Read more

David Eisenhauer Teen Killer Murders 13 Year Old Girl

David Eisenhauer

David Eisenhauer was eighteen years old when he murdered thirteen year old Nicole Madison Lovell. According to court documents David Eisenhauer thought that he may have impregnated the thirteen year old girl so he decided to murder her. Nicole Madison Lovell would be reported missing and her body was found three days later. David Eisenhauer … Read more