Sierra Halseth Charged With Fathers Murder

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Sierra Halseth is a sixteen year old girl from Las Vegas Nevada who along with her boyfriend eighteen year old Aaron Guerrero would brutally stab her father to death. According to court documents Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero would plan out the murder which included a shopping trip to Home Depot to buy a circular … Read more

Aubrey Trail Nebraska Death Row

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Aubrey Trail was sentenced to death and remain on Nebraska death row for a brutal murder. According to court documents Aubrey Trail and his girlfriend Bailey Boswell would lure the victim Sydney Loofe over the dating app Tinder. Once Sydney Loofe arrived Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell would attempt to convince her to join their … Read more

William Wells Florida Death Row

william wells

William Wells was sentenced to death and remains of Florida death row for the murder of a fellow inmate. According to court documents William Wells with the help of Leo Boatman stabbed to death William Chapman at Florida State Prison. Now William Wells who was convicted of five murders committed in 2003 would attempt to … Read more

Aiden Fucci Charged In Tristyn Bailey Murder

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Aiden Fucci has been formally charged in the murder of Tristyn Bailey. Aiden Fucci who is fourteen years old has been arrested and charged in the brutal murder of thirteen year old Tristyn Bailey who was stabbed more than a hundred times. Aiden Fucci made his first court appearance today, June 3 2021, and was … Read more

William Lewis Reece Jury Recommends Death

William Lewis Reece

A jury in Oklahoma has recommended that serial killer William Lewis Reece be sentenced to death. William Lewis Reece who was convicted of abducting a woman from a car wash and later murdering her more than twenty years ago. William Lewis Reece was convicted last week of the 1997 kidnapping and killing of 19-year-old Tiffany … Read more

Michael Lewis Alabama Death Row

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Michael Lewis was sentenced to death and remains on Alabama Death Row for the murder of Timothy John Kaye. According to court documents Michael Free was involved in an argument with the victim that turned violent. Michael Lewis would help Michael Free take the victim to a remote location where he was fatally shot and … Read more