claire miller tik tok

Claire Miller Charged With Sisters Murder

Claire Miller a fourteen year old TicToker has been charged with the murder of her older sister who was confined to a wheelchair. According to police reports Claire Miller would stab her sister multiple times before calling 911 to report what she had done. According to police Claire Miller parents were sleeping when the murder […]

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emilia carr

Emilia Carr Murder Of Heather Strong

Emilia Carr was in a love rivalry with a woman by the name of Heather Strong that would end in murder and with Emila sent to death row in Florida. Emilia Carr was dating a man named Josh Fulgham who use to date Heather Strong and the pair had two children together. When Heather Strong […]

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Lois Nadean Smith

Lois Nadean Smith Execution

Lois Nadean Smith was executed by the State of Oklahoma for the murder of her sons ex girlfriend. Lois Nadean Smith was executed by lethal injection on December 4, 2001 Lois Nadean Smith was known as mean Nadean would hear that her sons ex girlfriend was going around trying to find someone to murder her […]

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lynda lyon block

Lynda Block Execution

Lynda Block was executed by the State of Alabama for the murder of a police officer. Lynda Block would be executed by way of the electric chair on May 10, 2002 Lynda Block aka Lynda Lyon Block was born on February 8, 1948 in Orlando Florida. Lynda who worked for a number of charity organizations […]

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Frances Newton

Frances Newton Execution

Frances Newton was executed by the State of Texas for the murders of her husband and children. Frances Newton would be executed by lethal injection on September 14, 2015. Frances Newton was born on April 12, 1965 Three weeks before the murders Frances Newton would take out life insurance policies for her husband, her daughter […]

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Teresa Lewis

Teresa Lewis Execution

Teresa Lewis was executed by the State of Virginia for the murder of her husband and stepson. Teresa Lewis would be executed by lethal injection on September 23, 2010. Lewis was the first and so far only woman to be executed in the State since 1912 Teresa Lewis was born on April 26, 1969 in […]

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