Gabriella long

Gabriella Long Teen Killer Murders Grandfather

Gabriella Long was a seventeen year old from Pennsylvania who was living with her Grandfather. Gabriella Long would convince her friends Mercedes Hall, Christopher Cortez and Devin Cunningham that they should murder her Grandfather and steal the money in the safe. When Christopher Cortez fatally stabbed the elderly man Gabriella and Mercedes were apparently hiding […]

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Alek Minassian

Alek Minassian Toronto Van Attack Found Guilty

Alek Minassian would drive a van onto a crowded sidewalk in Toronto Canada killing ten people and injuring more than a dozen. After his lawyers failed to find him not guilty due to mental illness he has been found guilty on all charges. Alek Minassian who on April 23, 2018 drove a rented cargo van […]

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Fredrick Baer mugshot

Fredrick Baer Murders Mother And Daughter

Fredrick Baer was sentenced to death for the murders of a mother and her young daughter in Indiana. Fredrick Baer was working as a construction worker in Indiana in 2004 when he forced his way into the home and attempted to rape the homeowner. Fredrick Baer would stab to death the woman and her four […]

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Jessica Marie Hann jason hann

Jessica Marie Hann Women On Death Row

Jessica Marie Hann who use to be known as Jason Hann was sentenced to death by the State of California for the murders of his infant daughter and son plus the attempted murder of another child. According to court documents Jessica Marie Hann (Jason Hann) would beat to death his two month old son. Two […]

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Matthew Fischer teen killer

Matthew Fischer Teen Killer Murders Love Rival

Matthew Fischer was a sixteen year old from South Carolina who would stab to death a romantic rival. According to court documents Matthew Fischer was hanging out with his girlfriend when the victim texted her. Fisher would start an online confrontation and demanded the victim come over to his girlfriends home so they can settle […]

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Dakota Thornton teen killer

Dakota Thornton Teen Killer Murders Brother

Dakota Thornton was fifteen years old from Pennsylvania when he murdered his older brother. According to court documents Dakota Thornton was in love with his brother’s girlfriend so he figured the best way to deal with it was to kill his brother. This teen killer would fatally shoot his brother with a shotgun. Once police […]

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