David Isaacs Teen Killer Murders Fathers Girlfriend

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David Isaacs was seventeen years old from Ohio when he murdered his father’s live in girlfriend. According to court documents David Isaacs would stab to death Darlene Renner. David Isaacs would not give a reason why to the murder. The teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole until … Read more

Jerry Correll Florida Execution

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Jerry Correll was executed by the State of Florida for a quadruple murder. According to court documents Jerry Correll would go over to his ex wives home and stab her, their five year old daughter, his e wives mother and sister killing all four. Jerry Correll would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Thirty … Read more

Licho Escamilla Texas Execution

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Licho Escamilla was executed by the State of Texas for the murder of an off duty police officer. According to court documents Licho Escamilla was already wanted for another murder when he was involved in a shooting outside of a Dallas night club striking and killing off duty police officer Christopher Kevin James who was … Read more

Juan Garcia Texas Execution

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Juan Garcia was executed by the State of Texas for a robbery murder. According to court documents Juan Garcia would shoot and kill Hugo Solano during a robbery that netted Garcia $8.00. Juan Garcia would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death Juan Garcia More News A convicted killer in Texas was executed on Tuesday for fatally shooting … Read more

Alfredo Prieto Virginia Execution

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Alfredo Prieto, a convicted serial killer, was executed by the State of Virginia for the rape and murder of a woman and her boyfriend. According to court documents Alfredo Prieto would rape and murder 22-year-old Rachael Raver and murder her boyfriend Warren Fulton in 1990. It would take twenty years for Prieto to be convicted of … Read more

Roderick Nunley Missouri Execution

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Roderick Nunley was executed by the State of Missouri for the murder of a fifteen year old girl. According to court documents Roderick Nunley would abduct the victim fifteen year old Ann Harrison as she stood at the end of the driveway waiting for a school bus. The teenager would be sexually assaulted and murdered. … Read more