Kristina Adkins Teen Killer Poisons Grandmother

kristina adkins photos

Kristina Adkins was a thirteen year old from Michigan who would murder her Grandmother. According to court documents Kristina Adkins would steal her Grandfather’s morphine pills and would use it to poison her Grandmother Virginia Bentley. Kristina Adkins would be arrested and ultimately would plead guilty to the murder. This teen killer would be sentenced … Read more

Deon Haynes Teen Killer Murders Christy Davis

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Deon Haynes was a sixteen year old from Michigan who participated in a robbery that would claim the life of another teenager. According to court documents Deon Haynes and two others would enter a home in search of $400, before the robbery was over the teen killer would fatally shoot seventeen year old Christy Davis. … Read more

George Stewart Teen Killer Murders WW2 Veteran

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George Stewart was seventeen years old from Michigan when he murdered his elderly neighbor. According to court documents George Stewart was attempting to rob the mans home when he was surprised by the victim. George Stewart would beat the victim before taking Paul Monchnik van to a gas station where he filled a gasoline container. … Read more

Demetrius Frazier Alabama Death Row

demetrius frazier

Demetrius Frazier was sentenced to death and remains on Alabama Death Row for the sexual assault and murder of a woman. According to court documents Demetrius Frazier was serving a life sentence in Michigan when he confessed to the sexual assault and murder of Pauline Brown. Demetrius Frazier was convicted and sentenced to death Alabama … Read more

Marvin Gabrion Federal Death Row

marvin gabrion federal death row

Marvin Gabrion was sentenced to death by the Federal Government for a murder on Federal land. According to court documents Marvin Gabrion sexually assaulted the victim Rachel Timmerman in Michigan. Just days before the trial was to begin Rachel Timmerman and her eleven month old daughter went missing. Police received a letter allegedly written by … Read more

Alton Coleman And Debra Brown Serial Killers

alton coleman

Alton Coleman and Debra Brown were two serial killers who would go on a crime spree through six states that included the murder of eight people. Eventually Alton Coleman and Debra Brown would be sentenced to death in three separate States. Alton Coleman would be executed in Ohio and Debra Brown will spend the rest … Read more