serial killer

Serial Killer

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serial killer

Rodney Alcala – Rodney Alcala, The Dating Game Serial Killer. Victims could be as high as 120

David Berkowitz – David Berkowitz, The Son Of Sam serial Killer who terrorised New York

Velma Barfield – Velma Barfield was convicted on one murder however she would confess to six before she was executed

Paul Bernardo – Paul Bernardo was a serial rapist and murdered at least three women

Wayne Boden – Wayne Boden is a Canadian Serial Killer known as The Vampire Rapist

Ted Bundy – Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers in American history

Kelly Cochran – Kelly Cochran was convicted of two murders but believed to have committed many more

Carroll Cole – Carroll Cole was eight years old when he killed for the first time

Ray and Faye Copeland – Ray and Faye Copeland were responsible for at least five murders

Dean Corll – Dean Corll is a Texas serial killer who was known as the Candy Man

Andrew Cunanan – Andrew Cunanan is a serial killer who would murder fashion designer Gianni Versace

Jeffrey Dahmer – Jeffrey Dahmer is a serial killer who would murder seventeen young men and teens

Joanna Dennehy – Joanna Dennehy is a serial killer from England who is responsible for the Peterborough Ditch Murders

Paul Durousseau – Paul Durousseau is responsible for at least five murders in Florida

Christine Falling – Christine Falling murdered at least three children in her care

John Wayne Gacy Jr – John Wayne Gacy Jr was a serial killer who murdered 33 young men and boys

Luis Garavito – Luis Garavito a serial killer from Columbia whose body count could be 300 victims

Donald Gaskins – Donald Gaskins was a serial killer from South Carolina who murdered in and out of prison

Ed Gein – The inspiration for Norman Bates and Buffalo Bill

David Alan Gore – David Alan Gore along with his cousin Fred Waterfield would terrorise Florida for years

Scott Hain (17) – Scott Hain was seventeen when he carjacked a vehicle and murdered its two occupants

Robert Hansen – Robert Hansen, a serial killer from Alaska who be convicted on four murders but suspected of 20

Edmund Kemper – Edmund Kemper murdered ten people including his grandparents and mother

Israel Keyes – Israel Keyes was a serial killer who murdered at least three victims though his true body count is unknown

Sante And Kenneth Kimes – Sante and Kenneth Kimes were a mother and son serial killer team

Cody Legebokoff – Cody Legebokoff is the youngest serial killer in Canadian history

Allan Legere – Allan Legere also known as the Monster Of The Miramichi

Samuel Little – Samuel Little would confess to more than ninety murders in the United States

Henry Lee Lucas – Massive Serial Killer or huge liar

Michael McGray – Michael McGray murdered six people outside of prison and his cellmate inside of prison

Clifford Olson – Clifford Olson would murder eleven children over a nine month period

Robert Pickton – Robert Pickton confessed to murdering 49 women

Jesse Pomeroy – Jesse Pomeroy was fourteen years old when he was convicted of murder and he was suspected of many more

Craig Price – Craig Price murdered four people before he was sixteen

Dorothea Puente – Dorothea Puente murdered at least nine women

Richard Ramirez – Richard Ramirez aka The Night Stalker would murder eleven people during his year long crime spree

Gary Ridgway – Gary Ridgway is known as the Green River Killer who confessed to 49 murders

Joel Rifkin – Joel Rifkin was convicted of seventeen murders in New York

Harvey Robinson – Harvey Robinson was just seventeen when he would murder a woman, he would go on to murder two more

Sean Sellers – Sean Sellers murdered three people including his parents

Arthur Shawcross – Arthur Shawcross murdered two children and a dozen prostitutes

Harold Shipman – Harold Shipman aka Dr. Death is responsible for at least two hundred murders

Peter Sutcliffe – Peter Sutcliffe is a serial killer from England who murdered at least thirteen women over five years

Elizabeth Wettlaufer – Elizabeth Wettlaufer was a nurse who murdered eight of her patients

Wayne Williams – Wayne Williams is believed to be the Atlanta Child murderer. Convicted on two murders of adult men

Peter Woodcock – Peter Woodcock was still a teenager when he murdered three young children. He was not done killing

Aileen Wuornos – Aileen Wuornos murdered six men who she claimed attempted to rape her

Graham Young – Graham Young murdered his stepmother at fifteen and would continue to kill once he was released from a psychiatric facility

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