Shawn Tyson Teen Killer Murders 2 British Tourists

shawn tyson

Shawn Tyson was a seventeen year old from Florida who murdered two British tourists who made the mistake of walking into the wrong part of town. According to court documents Shawn Tyson walked towards the two victims, James Kouzaris and James Cooper, with a gun drawn. The teen killer would demand money from the two … Read more

Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards Teen Killers

Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards Teen Killers

Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards were fifteen years old when they would murder Kims mother and her sister. According to court documents the two teen killers decided to murder Kim’s mom and sister because they thought the mother wanted to break up the pair. The thirteen year old sister was collateral damage. Lucas would stab the mother … Read more

Daniel Bartlam Teen Killer Murders Mother

Daniel Bartlam Teen Killer

Daniel Bartlam was just fourteen years old when he went into his mothers room and struck her repeatedly with a hammer before setting the house on fire. Bartlam would originally tell police that someone had broken into the home but soon the story fell through. Police would find a story that this teen killer had written which … Read more