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  • Teen KillersSharon Carr

    Sharon Carr Teen Killer Devils Daughter

    Sharon Carr was just twelve years old when she fatally stabbed an eighteen year old woman to death. According to court documents Sharon Carr would attack eighteen year old  Katie Rackliff and fatally stab the woman to death. Apparently the teen killer chose the victim at random. Sharon Carr would not be arrested for two years when she was picked up…

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  • Teen KillersPieper Lewis

    Pieper Lewis Teen Killer Murders Alleged Rapist

    Pieper Lewis was a fifteen year old teen from Iowa who would fatally stab a man to death who she said repeatedly raped her. According to court documents Pieper Lewis alleged that the victim, 37 year old Zachary Brooks, repeatedly raped her a week before the murder. The teen killer would ultimately stab Zachary Brooks over thirty times causing his…

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  • Teen KillersIsabelle Jocson

    Isabelle Jocson Teen Killer Murders 14 Yr Old Girl

    Isabelle Jocson is a sixteen year old alleged teen killer from Nashville Tennessee who was arrested for the murder of a fourteen year old girl. According to police reports Isabelle Jocson and the victim fourteen year old Malia Powell began arguing in a Walmart and the verbal disagreement would continue outside of the store. When the two teen girls were…

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  • Teen KillersLeiyla Cepeda

    Leiyla Cepeda Teen Killer Murders Newborn

    Leiyla Cepeda is an alleged teen killer who would murder her newborn soon after giving birth to the little girl. According to police reports Leiyla Cepeda, who was seventeen at the time of the murder, would give birth to a little girl and then proceeded to stab the newborn to death with a pair of scissors. Leiyla Cepeda who is…

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  • Crime Newskayla green mount vernon

    15 Year Old Teen Killer Stabs Kayla Green to Death

    A fifteen year old girl has been charged with murder after stabbing sixteen year old Kayla Green to death in Mount Vernon. According to police reports Kayla Green and other students were celebrating their high schools recent State championship win when the alleged teen killer would stab Kayla Green and injure another student. Kayla Green would die from her injuries.…

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  • Teen KillersLeniz Escobar

    Leniz Escobar Teen Killer Guilty Of 4 Murders

    Leniz Escobar is a teen killer from New York who participated in the murders of four people. According to court documents Leniz Escobar was seventeen years old when she lured five men: Justin Llivicura, Michael Lopez, Jorge Tigre ,Jefferson Villalobos and a fifth man to a park where they would be ambushed by MS-13 gang members. Four of the five…

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  • Teen KillersDionne Timms-Williams

    Dionne Timms-Williams Teen Killer Murder Doctor

    Dionne Timms-Williams was sixteen years old when she and two older men would beat to death Dr Gary Jenkins. According to court documents Dionne Timms-Williams, Jason Edwards, 26, and Lee Strickland, 36 would attack Dr. Gary Jenkins in a sickening attack where they accused the married father of 2 of being gay. The lethal trio would punch, kick and stomp…

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  • Teen Killershttps://www.wkrn.com/news/local-news/nashville/woman-who-killed-nashville-man-as-he-took-out-trash-found-dead-in-prison/

    Myeisha Brown Teen Killer Found Dead In Prison

    Myeisha Brown was a teen killer from Tennessee who would murder a 74 year old man when she was just 16 years old. According to court documents 74 year old Ruxin Wang was taking out the garbage in the middle of the afternoon when he was fatally shot. Myeisha Brown would ultimately be sentenced to fifteen years in prison for…

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  • Crime Newsbridgett forehand

    Bridgett Forehand Charged With Brutal Murder

    Bridgett Forehand is a fourteen year old alleged teen killer who has been charged in a brutal murder. According to police documents Bridgett Forehand had just met the victim who she met through mutual friends however very quickly Bridgett would pull out a gun, put it to his forehead and pulled the trigger. The body of Mickell Gordon, 19, was…

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  • Teen Killerscandace walton

    Candace Walton Teen Killer Murders Mother And Brother

    Candace Walton was a sixteen year old teen killer from Georgia who would set her family home on fire killing her mother and brother. According to court documents Candace Walton and her boyfriend Kaleo Pangelinan would set the house on fire before stealing a number of items including her mother’s car. The pair would be arrested days later, initially police…

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  • Teen KillersPauline Parker and Juliet Hulme

    Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme Teen Killers Heavenly Creatures

    Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme were two teen killers who would shock New Zealand back in 1954 when they would murder Honorah Rieper who was the mother of Pauline. According to court documents Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme would go for a walk with Honorah Rieper which would end with the two teen girls would beat the woman to death with…

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  • Crime Newsanna dukes mugshot photos

    Anna Bella Dukes Teen Killer Allegedly Set Up Car Jacking Murder

    Anna Bella Dukes is an eighteen year old alleged teen killer who set up a meeting over Snapchat that led to murder. According to police reports Anna Bella Dukes set up a meeting with the victims brother at a remote location in the early hours. When the victim showed up with his brother the pair would be robbed and Elias…

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  • Teen KillersSierra Neihaus

    Sierra Neihaus Teen Killer Murders Sister

    Sierra Neihaus was fifteen years old from Kansas who would stab to death her thirteen year old sister. According to court documents Sierra Neihaus would get into an argument with her younger sister that ended violently with the thirteen year old stabbed multiple times. This teen killer would be sentenced to 16 years in prison Sierra Niehaus 2022 Information Sierra…

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  • Teen Killerscarmen collins

    Carmen Collins Teen Killer Murders Sister

    Carmen Collins was a seventeen teen killer from Georgia who would fatally shoot her younger sister. According to court documents Carmen Collins was packing up her stuff planning to runaway from home when her younger sister attempted to stop her. Carmen Collins would grab her fathers gun and chased her sister around the home shooting her several times. Carmen Collins…

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  • Teen Killersanna schroeder

    Anna Schroeder Teen Killer Murders Mom

    Anna Schroeder was fifteen years old when she shot and killed her mother in Illinois. According to court documents Anna Schroeder and her girlfriend Rachel Helm planned the murder of Peggy Schroeder so the two could be together. Anna Schroeder would fatally shoot her mother in the head. This teen killer would plead guilty to second degree murder and would…

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  • Teen Killerskristina adkins photos

    Kristina Adkins Teen Killer Poisons Grandmother

    Kristina Adkins was a thirteen year old from Michigan who would murder her Grandmother. According to court documents Kristina Adkins would steal her Grandfather’s morphine pills and would use it to poison her Grandmother Virginia Bentley. Kristina Adkins would be arrested and ultimately would plead guilty to the murder. This teen killer would be sentenced to life with no shot…

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  • Teen KillersJessica Holtmeyer photos

    Jessica Holtmeyer Teen Killer Brutally Murders Classmate

    Jessica Holtmeyer was a sixteen year old from Pennsylvania who would brutally murder a classmate. According to court documents Jessica Holtmeyer. Kimberly Dotts, 15, and a group of other teens were performing an odd ritual in which each member would put a noose around their necks. However when Kimberly Dotts would put the noose around her neck she would be…

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  • Teen Killersdana barker 2021 photos

    Dana Barker Teen Killer Murders Stepmother

    Dana Barker was seventeen years old when she fatally shot her stepmother. According to court documents Dana Barker would use a stolen car and a stolen gun, would cut the phone line in Brenda Barker’s home before entering the home. A fight ensued and Dana Barker would shoot Brenda Barker who would die from her injuries almost two weeks later.…

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  • Teen Killersrebecca blackmore photos

    Rebecca Blackmore Teen Killer Murders Newborn

    Rebecca Blackmore was sixteen years old from North Carolina when she murdered her newborn baby. According to court documents Rebecca Blackmore would fatally stab the newborn baby to death using a pair of scissors. This teen killer would be sentenced to ten to twelve years in prison Rebecca Blackmore 2021 Information Rebecca Blackmore Teen Killer Murders Newborn Offender Number:1384717                                          Inmate Status:ACTIVEGender:FEMALERace:WHITEEthnic…

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  • Teen Killerscathleen boyer photos

    Cathleen Boyer Teen Killer Murders Love Rival

    Cathleen Boyer was sixteen years old when she stabbed a love rival to death. According to court documents Cathleen Boyer and the victim eighteen year old Kayla VanWert were involved in a fight over social media and agreed to meet up and fight. When Kayla VanWert showed up she was stabbed to death by Cathleen Boyer. The teen killer would…

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