Kristina Adkins Teen Killer Poisons Grandmother

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Kristina Adkins was a thirteen year old from Michigan who would murder her Grandmother. According to court documents Kristina Adkins would steal her Grandfather’s morphine pills and would use it to poison her Grandmother Virginia Bentley. Kristina Adkins would be arrested and ultimately would plead guilty to the murder. This teen killer would be sentenced … Read more

Jessica Holtmeyer Teen Killer Brutally Murders Classmate

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Jessica Holtmeyer was a sixteen year old from Pennsylvania who would brutally murder a classmate. According to court documents Jessica Holtmeyer. Kimberly Dotts, 15, and a group of other teens were performing an odd ritual in which each member would put a noose around their necks. However when Kimberly Dotts would put the noose around … Read more

Dana Barker Teen Killer Murders Stepmother

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Dana Barker was seventeen years old when she fatally shot her stepmother. According to court documents Dana Barker would use a stolen car and a stolen gun, would cut the phone line in Brenda Barker’s home before entering the home. A fight ensued and Dana Barker would shoot Brenda Barker who would die from her … Read more

Rebecca Blackmore Teen Killer Murders Newborn

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Rebecca Blackmore was sixteen years old from North Carolina when she murdered her newborn baby. According to court documents Rebecca Blackmore would fatally stab the newborn baby to death using a pair of scissors. This teen killer would be sentenced to ten to twelve years in prison Rebecca Blackmore 2021 Information Offender Number: 1384717                                           Inmate … Read more

Cathleen Boyer Teen Killer Murders Love Rival

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Cathleen Boyer was sixteen years old when she stabbed a love rival to death. According to court documents Cathleen Boyer and the victim eighteen year old Kayla VanWert were involved in a fight over social media and agreed to meet up and fight. When Kayla VanWert showed up she was stabbed to death by Cathleen … Read more

Angel Bumpass Teen Killer At 13 Years Old

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Angel Bumpass was thirteen years old when she participated in a murder that left a man dead. According to court documents the victim, a sixty eight year old man Franklin Bonner was tied up and beaten to death. The crime went unsolved for a decade. Angel Bumpass who was a five foot eighty pound eighth … Read more