Sierra Halseth Charged With Fathers Murder

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Sierra Halseth is a sixteen year old girl from Las Vegas Nevada who along with her boyfriend eighteen year old Aaron Guerrero would brutally stab her father to death. According to court documents Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero would plan out the murder which included a shopping trip to Home Depot to buy a circular … Read more

Dakota Wall Teen Killer Sets Up Sisters Murder

dakota wall

Dakota Wall would tell police she just wanted to scare her half sister Sidnee Stephens so she arranged for four of her friends Robbie Mueller, James Glazier, Chad Bennett, and Carl Dane who would force their way into the home and kidnap the fifteen year old girl. Sidnee Stephens would be forced into the trunk … Read more

Jennie Bunsom Teen Killer Murders 7 Year Old

jennie bunsom

Jennie Bunsom is a convicted teen killer who would plead guilty to the murder of her seven year old nephew. According to court documents Jennie Bunsom was involved in a fight with her girlfriend and she would take out her anger on her seven year old nephew Jordan Vong. Jennie Bunsom would tell police that … Read more

Kristina Fetters Teen Killer Murders Elderly Aunt

kristina fetters teen killer

Kristina Fetters was a fourteen year old girl from Ohio who would murder her elderly aunt. According to court documents Kristina Fetters was sent to a behavioral treatment center in January 2004 and in October of that year she made plans to run away and steal her aunts truck. This teen killer also told fellow … Read more

Megan Boswell Charged With Infant Daughters Murder

Megan Boswell

Megan Boswell is a eighteen year old from Tennessee who has been charged with the murder of her fifteen month old daughter. This alleged teen killer whose daughter was reported missing and then told authorities that the little girl was with her father has been charged with an assortment of charges including murder, child abuse … Read more