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Ellen Friar was fifteen years old when she planned with her nineteen year old boyfriend to murder her father. According to court documents Ellen Friar was dating nineteen year old Gavin Curtis Macfarlane and needless to say her father was not happy. Ellen Friar along with her boyfriend Gavin and 22-year-old Russell Pierce Jones II would plan the brutal murder. The father Aaron Friar would be beaten to death with a baseball bat. The teen killer would be sentenced to twenty five years in prison. Gavin Macfarlane was sentenced to life. Russel Jones is eligible for parole after 10 years

Ellen Friar 2023 Information

Ellen Friar is currently in the Oregon Juvenile system so her information is not public

Gavin Macfarlane 2022 Information

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Offender Name:Macfarlane, Gavin Curtis
Age:22DOB:08/1998Location:Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution
Gender:MaleRace:White Or European OriginStatus:AIC
Height:6′ 03”Hair:BlondField Admission Date:10/18/2018
Weight:170 lbsEyes:HazelEarliest Release Date:Life

Russell Jones 2022 Information

Offender Name:Jones, Russell Pierce
Age:27DOB:07/1995Location:Two Rivers Correctional Institution
Height:5′ 06”Hair:BlondInstitution Admission Date:08/19/2021
Weight:200 lbsEyes:BlueEarliest Release Date:04/04/2031

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It’s a story that’s shocking to everyone who hears it. A 15-year-old girl, her boyfriend, and friend, conspiring to kill her father.

“He loved his girls above anything and I know his heart is breaking right now,” said Michelle Robinson, the victim’s girlfriend.

Back in October of 2017, 50-year-old Aaron Friar was beaten to death with a baseball bat. Police say his daughter Ellen Rose Friar, who was only 15-years-old at the time, planned the crime along with her boyfriend then 19-year old Gavin Curtis Macfarlane and 22-year-old Russell Pierce Jones II.

Nearly two years later, Macfarlane is serving life in prison after pleading guilty to murder, tampering with physical evidence, and conspiracy to commit murder. The case is still pending against Jones.

Ellen faced a judge for sentencing this past Tuesday.

She read a letter to the court in which she said she can’t erase the past, but has learned forgiveness from Jesus Christ.

“I’m not the same scared little girl I was over a year ago,” said Friar. “I’ve seen all different kinds of people and now see humanity from a new, compassionate perspective.”

Friar’s attorney says the teenager was manipulated by an older boyfriend and claims the girl endured years of emotional and sexual abuse from her father. But because the case didn’t go to trial, that was never proven in court.

“She’s an extremely intelligent, wonderful young woman… [she] made a mistake and I’m hoping she’s able to learn from that,” said her defense attorney, Alyssa Bartholomew.

But others like Aaron Friar’s girlfriend, Michelle Robinson, say there’s no excuse for what she did.

“From what I witnessed Aaron was a great dad. She could have thought of a million different things to do… running away included,” Robinson said.

Friar was sentenced to 25 years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit burglary in the first degree. She will start her sentence in a juvenile facility until she’s 25, which the judge hopes will provide resources for her to reform her life.

Russell Pierce Jones II is scheduled to be back in court in late April, but his case is pending his fitness to proceed.


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Ellen Friar is currently incarcerated at the Oregon Juvenile System

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Ellen Friar is eligible for 2042
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7 thoughts on “Ellen Friar Teen Killer Murders Father”

  1. You cannot fix evil. You cannot cure sociopathy. She, is incurable. She has and never will have, empathy. She is as incapable as a wolf animal. She was aware of the implications and planned what she did. Still, she says her father molested her. This is what they do to elicit sympathy.. This girl is as cold and calculating as Jeffery Dahmer was. Foregivess, comes with a caveat. Repentance. I do not believe she’s having any interest in repentance, she continues to lie and slander her dad ti

    1. I agree with everything you posted except, Dahmer did an interview with Stone Phillips where he talks about why he felt as he did. I corresponded with him before he died, and he had sincerely turned to God and was remorseful. He could have been rehabilitated after MANY years, but this girl is a lost cause!

  2. As a 15 year old she of course gets a lesser sentence, and she’s clearly not very bright… but in a sense this is ironic because her displaying such evil, psychopathic behaviour and tendencies of attempted manipulation even at 15 show even more that she’s completely fucked up as a human being. If she’d just waited a couple of years she’d be in prison for life, and probably should be. When she’s released hopefully the authorities watch her like a hawk.

    1. @John Davies, she was in advanced placement courses in high school. She was intelligent and knew exactly what she was doing She wanted her way ONLY! She WILL get into more trouble when she gets out, and God help society and anyone she ‘loves’ – which means, anyone she can manipulate and use..

  3. So “forgiveness through Jesus Christ” includes lying about your father abusing you?
    Good to know it’s just THAT easy!
    I can’t imagine WHY people aren’t flocking to organised religion en masse, rather than leaving it in droves..

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