Ohio Death Row

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Shawn Ford Teen Killer Sledgehammer Murders

Shawn Ford was eighteen years old when he murdered his girlfriend’s parents with a sledgehammer in Ohio. According to court documents Shawn Ford had stabbed his girlfriend ten days prior to the brutal murders and were upset with the parents for not allowing him to visit her in the hospital. Shawn Ford would go to […]

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Austin Myers Teen Killer Sentenced To Death

Austin Myers was just eighteen years old when he murdered a friend and was sent to Ohio death row. According to court documents Austin Myers believed that there was a ton of the money in the victims home, Justin Back. The original plan was to rob the safe in the home, however that planned quickly […]

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Matthew Nicholson Jury Recommends Death Sentence

A jury has convicted Matthew Nicholson of two counts of murder and has recommended he be sentenced to death. According to court documents Nicholson was beating up a woman when her seventeen year old son tried to intervene. During the fight the woman’s nineteen year old daughter returned home from work. Matthew left the residence […]

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George Brinkman Ohio Death Row

George Brinkman Ohio Death Row George Brinkman was sentenced to death in Ohio two  separate times for five murders.  Brinkman who pleaded guilty to three murders where he would enter a home and bound the three female victims before shooting each of them in the head.  The second set of murders happened the next day when […]

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Kristofer Garrett Ohio Death Row

Kristofer Garrett Ohio Death Row Kristofer Garrett has been sentenced to death for the murder of a woman and her four year old daughter.  According to court documents Kristofer Garrett waited outside of the victims home before rushing in and stabbing the woman to death.  Garrett would then chase down the four year old girl and […]

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Donna Roberts Women On Death Row

Donna Roberts is on death row in Ohio for the contract killing of her husband. According to court documents Donna Roberts hired an inmate to murder her husband and when he was released from prison he did just that. Nate Jackson who actually pulled the trigger told police that Donna Roberts had nothing to do […]

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James Worley Ohio Death Row

James Worley Death Row James Worley was sentenced to death for the kidnapping, rape and murder of a Ohio woman.  According to court documents Jamew Worley, who had previously spent time in prison for the kidnapping and sexual assault of another woman,would kidnap the twenty year old college student who he would later sexually assault […]

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Shawn Grate Ohio Death Row

Shawn Grate Death Row Shawn Grate is a serial killer who was sentenced to death for two murders.  According to court documents Shawn Grate, who plead not guilty at trial and told reporters that he killed at least five women, would kidnap and sexually assault his victims before murdering them.  Shawn Grate was found guilty at […]

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Scheduled To Die In Ohio

    The state of Ohio currently has 136 inmates on death row awaiting a date for their execution. Of that number, 26 men are scheduled to die by 2023. Prison officials executed Akron baby killer Ronald Phillips in July 2017. He was was the first Ohio inmate put to death using  a new three-drug […]

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