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Terry Froman Ohio Death Row

terry froman

Terry Froman was sentenced to death by the State of Ohio for a double murder. According to court documents Terry Froman would go to his ex girlfriends home where he would murder her seventeen year old son, Michael Mahoney. Terry Froman was seen later at a gas station where the ex girlfriend who was nude was trying to escape from his vehicle however Froman would catch her and drag her back to the vehicle. When Ohio State Police pulled over the vehicle Tery Froman would shoot and kill the ex girlfriend. Terry Froman was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death.

Ohio Death Row Inmate List

Terry Froman 2021 Information

Number A736209

DOB 07/09/1973

Gender Male Race Black

Admission Date 06/23/2017

Institution Chillicothe Correctional Institution


Terry Froman More News

The Ohio Supreme court upheld the death penalty Thursday for a man convicted of kidnapping and killing his ex-girlfriend along I-75 near Middletown after killing her teen son.

Terry Froman, 41, was convicted of killing Kim Thomas, 34, and her teen son, Michael Mohney, 17, in September 2014.

Froman, who was 41 at the time, and Thomas had been in a four-year relationship before Thomas ended the relationship and asked Froman to move out of her home, located about 270 miles west of Cincinnati.

Authorities said after Froman shot the teenager multiple times, he drove nearly 400 miles north into Ohio, killing his ex-girlfriend, Thomas, along the way.

The court rejected Froman’s objections regarding his conviction and sentence, known as propositions of law. Writing for the court, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor stated that the court concluded the death penalty was the appropriate punishment after an independent evaluation of the sentence.

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