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Meier Brown Federal Death Row

Meier Brown was sentenced to death for the murder of a United States postal worker. According to court documents Meier Brown walked into a postal office and demanded money orders, when the worker hesitated Brown would fatally stabbed the worker. Meier Brown as of 2021 is currently on Federal Death Row

Federal Death Row Inmate List

Meier Brown 2021 Information

Register Number: 11364-021
Age: 50
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Located at: Terre Haute USP
Release Date: DEATH SENT

Meier Brown More News

On direct appeal, we offered a detailed description of the facts of this tragic case based on the trial testimony and the last of Brown’s three confessions, which was presented to the jury by audiotape. See Brown, 441 F.3d at 1337–38. The murder occurred during the course of a robbery of $1,175 in money orders at a Fleming, Georgia post office. As the robbery unfolded, Brown stabbed postmistress Sallie Gaglia ten times, while she tried to defend herself, and left her to die, alone and lying face down, on the floor.

Eyewitness and physical evidence led police to suspect Brown, who finally confessed to Sallie Gaglia’s murder. In an interview conducted by Postal Inspector James Rushwin and Liberty County Sheriff’s Department Detective Charles Woodall, Brown admitted that he had gone to the Fleming post office on the morning of November 30, 2002 to retrieve his family’s mail from a post office box. Brown went home to distribute the mail. After telling police several different versions of what happened, Brown confessed that he then returned to the post office with a knife to rob Gaglia. At the post office, Brown asked for three money orders. When Gaglia turned to use an adding machine, Brown put socks on his hands, jumped over the counter, and—according to Brown—tripped, fell into her, and cut her with his knife. He told police that at this point he decided he had to kill Sallie Gaglia because she knew him. Thereafter, Brown grabbed Gaglia’s wallet, crawled through the counter window, discarded the knife and the socks on his hands as he biked home, and threw his clothes into the washing machine. Brown then called his girlfriend, Diane Brown, to pick him up, and he gave her the money orders the next day. Brown was convicted of all three charges: 18 U.S.C. § 1111 (murder within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States); id. § 1114 (murder of a federal employee); and id. § 2114 (robbery of federal property).

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