• Celebrity CrimeRyan Grantham

    Actor Ryan Grantham Murders Mother

    Ryan Grantham is a small time Canadian actor who has appeared in such shows as Riverdale and the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and now is a convicted murderer. According to court documents Ryan Grantham in a rage would shoot his mother in the back of the head and then planned to assassinate the Prime Minister of Canada. Initially Ryan…

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  • Crime Newsmyles sanderson

    Myles Sanderson Dies In Police Custody Saskatchewan Stabbing

    Myles Sanderson the second suspect in the Saskatchewan Stabbing spree that left ten dead and eighteen injured is dead. According to police Myles Sanderson (photo left) was taken into police custody and shortly after he was found in medical distress and rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. Since he died in police custody an inquest will…

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  • Crime Newsdamien sanderson

    Update: Saskatchewan Stabbing Suspect Damien Sanderson Found Dead

    One of the suspects, Damien Sanderson, in the deadly Saskatchewan stabbing spree has been found dead and the manhunt continues for his brother Myles Sanderson. According to police reports the body of Damien Sanderson was found in a high grass area near the home of one of the victims, police are saying that the wounds do not look like they…

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  • Crime Newsdamian sanderson myles sanderson

    Damien And Myles Sanderson Canada Stabbing Spree Leaves 10 Dead

    A manhunt is going on in the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba for Damien and Myles Sanderson who are believed to be responsible for a stabbing spree that has left ten people dead and fifteen others injured. According to early police reports there are over a dozen crime spree and police believe some of the stabbings were deliberate…

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  • Teen KillersKaranveer Sahota

    7 Teens Charged In Karanveer Sahota Murder

    Seven teens have been charged with the murder of sixteen year old Karanveer Sahota in Edmonton Alberta Canada. According to police reports the seven teens would attack Karanveer Sahota before one of them stabbed the sixteen year old McNally High School student in the chest. Police are saying they do not believe the senseless murder was gang related all though…

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  • Crime Newscory fenn

    Cory Fenn Sentenced To Life For 3 Murders

    Cory Fenn was just sentenced to life in prison for a triple murder. According to court documents Cory Fenn who in 2018 would murder 39-year-old Krassimira Pejcinovski, her 15-year-old son, Roy, and her daughter, Venellia, 13. Cory Fenn and Krassimira Pejcinovski was in an on and off again relationship when they were going through a breakup that would trigger the…

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  • Crime Newsdallas ly

    Dallas Ly Charged In Mothers Murder

    Dallas Ly is a twenty year old man from Toronto Ontario Canada who has just been charged with his mother, Tien Ly, murder. According to police sources the body of Tien Ly was found in a garbage bag earlier this week. The garbage bag was seen brought to the scene by a collapsible shopping cart by an unidentified man believed…

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  • Crime Newscory fenn photos

    Cory Fenn Found Guilty Of 3 Murders

    Cory Fenn has been found guilty of the murders of a mother and her two children. According to court documents Cory Fenn was mad that Krassimira Pejcinovski had broken up with him and Fenn responded violently. Cory Fenn would fatally stab Krassimira Pejcinovski and her 13 year old daughter Venellia before strangling to death her 14 year old son Roy.…

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  • Serial Killerbruce mcarthur

    Bruce McArthur Toronto Serial Killer

    Bruce McArthur is a Canadian serial killer who operated in the Toronto Ontario area from 2010 to 2017. The Toronto Police Department took a pretty big hit from newspapers as many believed he could have been stopped much earlier but because of the bias against the gay community there concerns were not taken seriously. In this article on My Crime…

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  • Crime NewsGerry Charlebois

    Gerry Charlebois 78 Arrested For Honking Horn At Freedom Convoy

    Gerry Charlebois a 78 year old Great Grandfather from Ottawa Canada was arrested for honking his horn at the Freedom Convoy that is currently occupying Canada’s Capital City. According to police reports Gerry Charlebois was showing support to the Freedom Convoy and would honk his vehicle’s horn and gave a thumbs up sign however this has now been declared illegal. The four…

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  • Crime NewsJack Sepple

    Jack Sepple Charged In Ashley Wadsworth Murder

    Jack Sepple has been charged with the murder of Ashley Wadsworth in Chelmsford England. According to court documents Jack Sepple and Ashley Wadsworth met online and eventually the Canadian born woman would move across the ocean to be with her accused killer. According to reports Jack Sepple would fatally stab Ashley Wadsworth. Now Jack Sepple has been arrested and made…

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  • Serial KillerElizabeth Wettlaufer

    Elizabeth Wettlaufer Serial Killer

    Elizabeth Wettlaufer is in a unique club as she is one of the very few female serial killers in Canadian history. Elizabeth Wettlaufer was a nurse who was responsible for the murders of eight people and the attempted murders of at least six more. In this article we will take a closer look at Elizabeth Wettlaufer. Elizabeth Wettlaufer Early Years…

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  • Serial Killerwilliam fyfe

    William Patrick Fyfe Serial Killer

    William Patrick Fyfe is a serial killer and serial rapist from Canada who is responsible for five murders however is believed to be responsible for more. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at William Patrick Fyfe who police believe is also The Plumber rapist William Patrick Fyfe Early Years William Patrick Fyfe was…

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  • Serial Killermichael wayne mcgray

    Michael Wayne McGray Serial Killer

    Michael Wayne McGray is a serial killer from Canada and even when he was put in prison his killing ways did not stop. In this article on My Crime Library we are going to take a closer look at Michael Wayne McGray Michael Wayne McGray Early Life Michel Wayne McGray was born in Collingwood Ontario however he would grow up…

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  • Serial Killerrobert pickton photos

    Robert Pickton Serial Killer Pig Farmer

    Robert Pickton is a serial killer from Canada who was convicted of six murders but is believed to have murdered at least forty nine murders in which he fed the bodies to pigs. In this article on My Crime Library we are going to take a closer look at serial killer Robert Pickton “The Pig Farmer” Robert Pickton Early Life…

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  • Death Row Inmatesronald allen smith montana death row

    Ronald Allen Smith Montana Death Row

    Ronald Allen Smith was sentenced to death by the State of Montana for a double murder. According to court documents Ronald Allen Smith and an accomplice would murder two Native American men after they were picked up hitchhiking. Ronald Allen Smith who was born in Canada would ask for the death penalty after pleading guilty to the double murder. Montana…

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  • Death Row Inmatesrobert bolden federal death row

    Robert Bolden Federal Death Row

    Robert Bolden was sentenced to death for the murder of a bank guard in St. Louis Missouri. According to court documents Robert Bolden plan was to disarm the guard and use him as a hostage however the guard resisted and Bolden would shoot and kill him. Robert Bolden, who was born in Canada, was sent to Federal Death Row Federal…

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  • Crime NewsAlek Minassian

    Alek Minassian Toronto Van Attack Found Guilty

    Alek Minassian would drive a van onto a crowded sidewalk in Toronto Canada killing ten people and injuring more than a dozen. After his lawyers failed to find him not guilty due to mental illness he has been found guilty on all charges. Alek Minassian who on April 23, 2018 drove a rented cargo van onto a busy crowded sidewalk…

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  • Serial Killerpeter woodcock

    Peter Woodcock Serial Killer And Psychopath

    Peter Woodcock was a teen killer, serial killer and certified psychopath needless to say he was one scary individual. In this article on My Crime Library we are going to take a closer look at Peter Woodcock aka David Michael Krueger. Peter Woodcock Childhood Peter Woodcock was born David Michael Krueger in Peterborough Ontario to a seventeen year old woman…

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  • Serial Killerpaul bernardo mugshot

    Paul Bernardo Serial Killer

    Paul Bernardo is a serial killer and sexual predator from Canada who along with his wife Karla Homolka are responsible for at least three murders. The Ken and Barbie Killers stunned the nation and the world with their brutal murders. During this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka Paul…

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