Alek Minassian

Alek Minassian Toronto Van Attack Found Guilty

Alek Minassian would drive a van onto a crowded sidewalk in Toronto Canada killing ten people and injuring more than a dozen. After his lawyers failed to find him not guilty due to mental illness he has been found guilty on all charges. Alek Minassian who on April 23, 2018 drove a rented cargo van […]

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peter woodcock

Peter Woodcock Serial Killer And Psychopath

Peter Woodcock was a teen killer, serial killer and certified psychopath needless to say he was one scary individual. In this article on My Crime Library we are going to take a closer look at Peter Woodcock aka David Michael Krueger. Peter Woodcock Childhood Peter Woodcock was born David Michael Krueger in Peterborough Ontario to […]

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paul bernardo mugshot

Paul Bernardo Serial Killer

Paul Bernardo is a serial killer and sexual predator from Canada who along with his wife Karla Homolka are responsible for at least three murders. The Ken and Barbie Killers stunned the nation and the world with their brutal murders. During this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at Paul […]

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clifford olson

Clifford Olson Serial Killer

Clifford Olson was a serial killer from Canada who was responsible for the murders of eleven children and teenagers. Clifford Olson who spent the majority of his life in prison continued to cause controversy from behind bars. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at Clifford Olson. Clifford Olson […]

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Cody Legebokoff serial killer

Cody Legebokoff Serial Killer

Cody Legebokoff is a serial killer from Canada who at the time was one of the youngest in Canadian history. Cody Legebokoff was just nineteen years old when he committed his first of four murders. In this article we will take a closer look at Cody Legebokoff Cody Legebokoff Background Cody Legebokoff was born on […]

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Jasmine Richardson Teen Killer

Jasmine Richardson Teen Killer Murders Family

Jasmine Richardson was twelve years old when she murdered her entire family in a case that shocked the murder. According to court documents Jasmine and her much older boyfriend Jeremy Steinke would murder her mother, father and her younger brother. Due to her age at the time police initially thought that Jasmine Richardson had been […]

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