adam laboucan photos

Tara Desousa AKA Adam Laboucan Teenage Monster

I have been covering crime stories for quite sometime and I do not use the word monster lightly but when one is talking about Adam Laboucan who now goes by the name Tara Desousa that is exactly what fits. Adam Laboucan was fifteen years old when he sexually assaulted a three month old child. The […]

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russell williams

Russell Williams: A Canadian Disgrace

One day Colonel Russell Williams was one of the leaders of the Canadian Military and the next he was their most disgraced.  Police were investigating the disappearance of Jessica Lloyd and they were conducting road side stops in the area where she was last seen looking for a specific tire thread.  Colonel Russell Williams was […]

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luka magnotta photos now

The Search For Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta was a gay film actor and model who wanted to be famous but was upset that he failed to do so but when he started to send body parts around Canada he got his wish. According to court documents Jun Lin was last seen May 2012 and the next day Magnotta was seen […]

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allan legere

Allan Legere Serial Killer – Canadian Monster

Allan Legere is a serial killer from Canada who is known as the Monster Of The Miramichi. Legere was first arrested for murder in 1986, with the help of two teenage accomplices Allan would cut the power to a store than break in. Allan Legere and his accomplices would beat the store owner to death […]

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Jasmine Richardson Now Photos

Jasmine Richardson Teen Killer Murders Entire Family

Jasmine Richardson was twelve years old when she murdered her entire family in a case that shocked the murder. According to court documents Jasmine and her much older boyfriend Jeremy Steinke would murder her mother, father and her younger brother. Due to her age at the time police initially thought that Jasmine had been kidnapped […]

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Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay photos

Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay Teen Killers Murder Family In Washington

Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay were convicted of a triple murder in Washington State. The two Canadian born teens would fatally beat Rafay father, mother and sister. The crime went unsolved for a good amount of time until DNA tied the two teen killers to the triple murder. The two would be convicted at trial […]

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Cody Legebokoff photos

Cody Legebokoff Serial Killer – Canada’s Youngest Serial Killer

Cody Legebokoff is a Canadian serial killer who murdered four women over the course of a year.  What makes the case of Cody Legebokoff stand out is that he was eighteen years old when the murders began making him one of the youngest serial killers in Canadian history.  Cody murdered the first victim in October […]

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Wayne Boden vampire rapist photos

Wayne Boden Serial Killer – The Vampire Rapist

Wayne Boden was a serial killer and serial rapist from Canada dubbed The Vampire Rapist Wayne Boden was born in Dundas Ontario where in high school he was known as a quiet, muscular teen who played for the high school football team. In October 1969 Wayne Boden would murder his victim who happened to live […]

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Clifford Olsen Photos

Clifford Olson Serial Killer – Canadian Child Killer

At one time Clifford Olsen was Canada’s most notorious serial killer however that has changed over the last decade. What has remained the same is that Olsen would murder eleven children over a span of nine months. Clifford was always in trouble with the law though he did not start to kill until he was […]

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