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dustin wallace

Dustin Wallace Teen Killer Murders 5 Year Old Girl

Dustin Wallace was sixteen years old from Oregon when he raped and murdered a five year old girl. According to court documents Dustin Wallace entered the five year old girls bedroom and began to touch her inappropriately and when the child began to cry out he smothered the five year old girl and punched her […]

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Connor Kerner Teen Killer

Connor Kerner Teen Killer Murders 2 Teens

Connor Kerner was seventeen years old when he would murder two teens during a robbery in Indiana. According to court documents Connor Kerner was at his Grandparents home when the two victims came over, Molley Lanham, 19,  and Thomas Grill, 18, to buy drugs. Connor Kerner would shoot and then beat Thomas Gill with a […]

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Gabriella long

Gabriella Long Teen Killer Murders Grandfather

Gabriella Long was a seventeen year old from Pennsylvania who was living with her Grandfather. Gabriella Long would convince her friends Mercedes Hall, Christopher Cortez and Devin Cunningham that they should murder her Grandfather and steal the money in the safe. When Christopher Cortez fatally stabbed the elderly man Gabriella and Mercedes were apparently hiding […]

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Matthew Fischer teen killer

Matthew Fischer Teen Killer Murders Love Rival

Matthew Fischer was a sixteen year old from South Carolina who would stab to death a romantic rival. According to court documents Matthew Fischer was hanging out with his girlfriend when the victim texted her. Fisher would start an online confrontation and demanded the victim come over to his girlfriends home so they can settle […]

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Dakota Thornton teen killer

Dakota Thornton Teen Killer Murders Brother

Dakota Thornton was fifteen years old from Pennsylvania when he murdered his older brother. According to court documents Dakota Thornton was in love with his brother’s girlfriend so he figured the best way to deal with it was to kill his brother. This teen killer would fatally shoot his brother with a shotgun. Once police […]

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natasha cornett teen killer

Natasha Cornett Teen Killer Lillelid Murders

Natasha Cornett was eighteen years old when she took part in the now infamous Lillelid murders in Tennessee. According to court documents Natasha Cornett along with Edward Dean Mullins, 19; Joseph Lance Risner, 20; Crystal R. Sturgill, 18; Jason Blake Bryant, 14; and Karen R. Howell, 17 were on a road trip to New Orleans […]

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