Ellen Friar Teen Killer Murders Father

Ellen Friar photos

Ellen Friar was fifteen years old when she planned with her nineteen year old boyfriend to murder her father. According to court documents Ellen Friar was dating nineteen year old Gavin Curtis Macfarlane and needless to say her father was not happy. Ellen Friar along with her boyfriend Gavin and 22-year-old Russell Pierce Jones II … Read more

Heather D’Aoust Teen Killer Murders Mother

Heather D'Aoust

Heather D’Aoust was fifteen years old when she beat her mother to death. According to court documents Heather D’Aoust would beat her mother to death using a claw hammer. Heather D’Aoust told police she initially planned on killing her mother, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend. Heather D’Aoust would be sentenced to sixteen years to … Read more

Joseph Wielzen Teen Killer Murders Kelsey Burnette

Joseph Wielzen

Joseph Wielzen was seventeen years old when he brutally murdered Kelsey Burnette in Tennessee. According to court documents Joseph Wielzen would attack Kelsey Burnette with a baseball bat before sexually assaulting and murdering the eighteen year old woman. This teen killer would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Joseph Wielzen … Read more

Damian Hauschultz Teen Killer Murders 7 Year Old

Damian Hauschultz

Damian Hauschultz was fourteen years old when he fatally beat to death seven year old Ethan Hauschultz. According to court documents Ethan was a foster child who was sent to the Hauschultz household after being removed from his parental home due to abuse. Ethan Hauschultz would be severely beaten as he was forced to drag … Read more

Nicholas Hulme Teen Killer Murders Mother

Nicholas Hulme photos

Nicholas Hulme was a seventeen year old from Connecticut that would murder his mother. According to court documents Nicholas Hulme and his mother were driving to a drug rehabilitation center when the two began arguing as Nicholas did not want to go. Nicholas Hulme would strangle his mother causing her death. Nicholas Hulme would flee … Read more

Colton Harvey Teen Killer Murders Sleeping Sister

colton harvey

Colton Harvey was fifteen years old from Arkansas when he would shoot and kill his sleeping sister. According to court documents Colton Harvey and sixteen year old Candace Harvey did not get along and it ended violently when Colton would shoot and kill Candace as she slept. Colton Harvey was sentenced to 45 years in … Read more