lynda lyon block

Lynda Block Execution

Lynda Block was executed by the State of Alabama for the murder of a police officer. Lynda Block would be executed by way of the electric chair on May 10, 2002 Lynda Block aka Lynda Lyon Block was born on February 8, 1948 in Orlando Florida. Lynda who worked for a number of charity organizations […]

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mason sisk

Mason Sisk Alabama Teen Charged With 5 Murders

Mason Sisk is a fourteen year old from Alabama that has been charged with murdering his parents and three siblings. According to police reports Mason Sisk had learned that his mother was not his biological mother and basically snapped. It is alleged that Mason Sisk grabbed a gun and proceeded to shoot his parents and […]

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Khalief Spencer Teen Killer

Khalief Spencer Teen Killer Murders 3 People

Khalief Spencer was fifteen years old when he murdered three people. According to court documents Khalief would shoot and kill the first two people in a brazen attack and a few weeks later Spencer would shoot and kill a third person. Police in Alabama also suspect that Spencer is responsible for at least one more […]

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Evan Miller Teen Killer

Evan Miller Teen Killer Murders Man During Robbery

Evan Miller was fourteen years old when he murdered a man. According to court documents Evan and his accomplice sixteen year old Colby Smith attacked an elderly man and proceeded to beat the man unconscious then set the house on fire. This teen killer would be sentenced to life without parole. Miller lawyers would take the case […]

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ashley jones photos

Ashley Jones Teen Killer Murders Family In Alabama

Ashley Jones was fourteen when she would participate in the murders of her grandfather and aunt and attempted murders of her sister and grandmother. According to court documents Ashley family did not approve of her relationship with Geramie Hart who was sixteen years old. On the day of the attack Ashley and Geramie would enter […]

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