Johana Suarez Murders Boyfriend With A Car

Johana Suarez

Johana Suarez is a woman from Florida who was arrested for murder after she ran over her boyfriend with a car. According to police reports Johana Suarez and her boyfriend Henry Hernandez were on a cross country trip when the two were involved in an argument in Alabama that ended with Johana running over Henry with the car and killing him. Now Johana Suarez is sitting in a jail cell in Alabama charged with murder. Apparently the argument was over directions as the two could not read a map

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 A woman from Miami is accused of running over and killing her boyfriend on Interstate 10 in Mobile County.

Investigators said Henry Hernandez was walking east on I-10 around 5 a.m. Sunday when he was hit by a car driven by Johana Suarez.

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office told FOX 10 the couple was traveling from Miami to California and spent the night in Mississippi.

Early Sunday morning, the two hit the road again, but mistakenly drove in the wrong direction, heading east on 1-10.

After an argument, MCSO said Hernandez voluntarily got out of the car with his belongings. Suarez began to drive away, only to turn around, driving west in the eastbound lane to strike him head-on. Hernandez died instantly.

MCSO said a passing car dialed 911. All airbags in the car were deployed, and Suarez was still at the scene when deputies arrived.

Suarez is charged with murder. According to MCSO, she sustained no injuries and is being held without bond

Johana Suarez Other News

Deputies say what was thought to be a traffic accident in Grand Bay turned out to be an intentional, violent act.

Investigators say Johana Suarez intentionally ran over her boyfriend Henry Hernandez Sunday morning after the two got into an argument.

Hernandez got out of the car and began walking.

Deputies say the suspect turned the car around, went the wrong way, and intentionally hit him.

“All the airbags were deployed in the vehicle, so we’ll be able to get a lot of information from the vehicle once the computers download it as far as you know.. the speed, impact, one of the troopers on the scene, having a lot of experience working a lot of traffic accidents, he estimates around 60 miles per hour when the victim was struck,” said Captain Paul Burch.

Hernandez died at the scene.

Suarez was arrested and charged with murder.

No other cars were involved in the collision

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