Jesse James Hollywood The Real Alpha Dog

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The movie Alpha Dog was based on the Nicholas Markowitz murder which was ordered by Jesse James Hollywood in 2000. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at the real story behind Alpha Dog and where Jesse James Hollywood and the rest are now Jesse James Hollywood Early Years … Read more

Julia Enright Charged In Brutal Murder

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Julia Enright was charged in the brutal murder of Brandon Chicklis of Westminster in which his body was found beside a New Hamshire highway. According to early reports police would find Brandon Chicklis blood at Julia Enright parent’s property in Massachusetts. The two reportedly dated for awhile and no known motive has been made public. … Read more

Top 10 Supermax ADX Florence Inmates

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When you screw up in prison they send you to solitary confinement but when you continue to cause problems they will send you to a supermax or if your crimes are so atrocious or if you are considered to be so dangerous then the supermax could be your home for the rest of your life. … Read more

Aiden Fucci Charged In Tristyn Bailey Murder

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Aiden Fucci has been formally charged in the murder of Tristyn Bailey. Aiden Fucci who is fourteen years old has been arrested and charged in the brutal murder of thirteen year old Tristyn Bailey who was stabbed more than a hundred times. Aiden Fucci made his first court appearance today, June 3 2021, and was … Read more

Ameen Hurst Charged With 4 Murders In Philly – Video

ameen hurst

Ameen Hurst a sixteen year old alleged teen killer has been charged with four counts of murder among other charges in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. According to the police the sixteen year old has been charged with the murders of four people including Rodney Hargrove who was just released from jail, Dyewou Nyshawn Scruggs whose murder was … Read more