Alec McKinney photos

Alec McKinney Teen Killer School Shooter

Alec McKinney a transgender teen from Colorado would plead guilty to charges relating to a school shooting. According to court documents Alex McKinney and Devon Erickson would enter the STEM School Highlands Ranch opening fire which would end with one student dead and eight other injuries. Alex McKinney would eventually plead guilty to avoid a […]

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gregory smith photos

Gregory Smith Teen Killer Murders Grandparents

Gregory Smith would murder his great grandparents in Colorado when he was seventeen years old. According to court documents Gregory Smith had taken his great grandparents truck without permission and proceeded to wreck the vehicle when he reportedly fell asleep behind the wheels. Instead of dealing with the consequences he decided to murder the elderly […]

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jacob ind teen killer photos

Jacob Ind Teen Killer Murders Parents

Jacob Ind was fifteen years old when he murdered his mother and stepfather. According to court documents Jacob Ind would recruit a classmate, Gabriel Adams, to help murder Pamela and Kermode Jordan. Gabriel Adams and Jacob Ind would shoot and kill Pamela Jordan and Kermode Jordan inside of their bedroom. Both Gabriel Adams and Jacob […]

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erik jensen colorado 2019 photos

Erik Jensen Has Sentence Commuted

Erik Jensen was seventeen years old when he was sentenced to life in prison in Colorado for helping his friend Nathan Ybanez in the murder of Nathan’s mother. Now Erik Jensen involvement in the murder has never been clear. Erik and Nathan have both said that Jensen arrived after the murder had already taken place […]

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Nathan Ybanez photos

Nathan Ybanez And Erik Jensen Teen Killers

Nathan Ybanez and Erik Jensen were sixteen years old when they murdered Nathan’s mother. According to court documents Nathan Ybanez was involved in an argument with his mother that ended violently with the teen killer beating her to death with a fire poker. It has been endlessly debated whether or not Erik Jensen showed up […]

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tess damm photos

Tess Damm Teen Killer

Tess Damm was sixteen years old when she murdered her mother. According to court documents Tess Damm and her boyfriend Bryan Grove planned the murder of the victim. Bryan Grove would fatally stab multiple times in her neck causing her death. This teen killer would ultimately plead guilty to second degree murder and sentenced to […]

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